Think this guy can make it on the police force?

Meet Tom Bardsley. A 23 year old ex-soldier and father of one, his ambition is to work as a police officer or with the ambulance service. His primary qualifications are that, within the space of one day, he rescued an unconscious police officer from a mob of soccer hooligans, rescued a soccer hooligan from drowning, rescued another man trapped under rubble, and chased off two more soccer hooligans raiding a police van. I think he’s got a pretty good shot of making the force.

Sorry, but he hasn’t got a hope in hell: he’ll make all the others look bad (q.v. Hot Fuzz). :smiley:

Wow, that video looked like it could be from Dawn of the Dead, or some zombie movie. Scary.

Welcome to Rangers fans. Scum of the earth.

I have had the misfortune to meet some of Manchester’s armed response team - and yeah, that guy will fit in, they’re all tough-as-nails ex-forces types.

(Why do they never learn about big screens and big football matches?)

I love that movie!

“He lives with his sister and mum”
“Don’t they mind?”
“Same person.”