Think you'll be able to play T2 on your computer?

think again, at least if you plan on playing it at 1080p (which is on the new DVD release).

Recommended specs from the box:

  • 3Ghz Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 128MB 3D video card

I downloaded a Matrix teaser to my dual 1.7gig machine. It had some ridiculous resolution. Perhaps 1080. I forget.

So, my machine has 1 gig RAM and a RAID array of SCSI drives. It’s a turnkey video editing machine. The video card is a 128MB Ti4600 (IIRC).

Didn’t even try to run it because of how slow it was while scrubbing.

I downsampled it to NTSC and dubbed it to tape to watch and enjoy.

My equipment just isn’t ready for that sort of data flow.

Oh, and Microsoft says “For optimal playback of 1080p content, an AGP8x 128MB video card such as the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro series is required.”

And if anyone doubts that the validity of these requirements, try for yourself here:

There must be a problem with your video player or codecs. On my laptop, a Pentium4 1900Mhz with 256MB of RAM, a 16MB video card, and running Gentoo Linux, the largest Matrix trailer runs just fine.


I haven’t heard of any 1080p or 720p Matrix teasers. Link?

Sorry about the missing link. Lost in the mists of time, I’m afraid.

I probably saw it on CG or CG Talk Community.

You’d have to do a search.

UnuMondo, I didn’t really test my video card. I didn’t play the video, just scrubbed the timeline in Premiere. It just seemed like a ridiculous amount of resolution.