Thinking about a round-the-world trip

There’s a total solar eclipse in Indonesia in early March 2016. I want to go and see it. And since Indonesia is the other side of the world from the UK and I have friends in Oz and relations in Dunedin in New Zealand, why don’t I explore making it part of a round-the-world trip?

So, where to go and what to see? And which way round the world should I go?

In no particular order, I’m thinking along the lines of Istanbul, Hollywood, Rome (possibly too early in the year if going Eastwards), Vancouver (possibly too early in the year if going Westwards?), Japan (when is the right time to see the famous cherry blossoms?), Auckland and Dunedin, Sydney, Bangkok, Beijing, Hawaii, Montreal (would it be too early in the year?). Total time ~ 2 months? It’ll be too early to visit Moscow & St Petersburg.

I’ve no wish to visit Africa. I’m intending to visit the East Cost of North America in 2017 for the eclipse then. I’ll probably do South America then too. I could skip North America entirely, leaving it for 2017.

What do I need to know health-wise? Travel tips? I intend travelling in moderate style: business class flights on major carriers because I’m so tall and 2+ star hotels. A brief Google indicates that the airfare will set me back £6K/$10K, so I’d appreciate tips on reducing that element.

Well I could give you some advice but I need to know if you’d have the money for it. ^^

Visit many countries in Europe, then keep going east to Russia, then South Korea and then Indonesia. See the eclipse and keep going east.

You gotta literally travel around the world to make it legit

Cherry blossom time is in the spring, probably April, at least in the Tokyo area. In Okinawa, it could be as early as January. Istanbul is a good choice. I’d skip Hollywood, were I you. You’re not visiting the tropics or the 3rd world, so you shouldn’t have health concerns, really. I usually avoid raw vegetables when outside of Europe or the US, and stick to bottled water.

You say that the eclipse is going to be in “Indonesia”. The country is huge and not easy to get around in. Palembang, in southern Sumatra, is where you’ll want to be for the best viewing. This city is in the middle of nowhere and flights from Jakarta are going to be heavily booked around eclipse time. Sumatra is on a different island than Jakarta so there aren’t any trains or buses that can get you there.

As you are probably already know, this eclipse has a “totality” time of around 2 minutes. Rather short as Solar Total Eclipses go. Maximum time for this kind of eclipse is around 7 minutes. (The one I saw in Hawaii lasted over 6 minutes.) These are spectacular events and something that everyone should see, but you might want to wait for a longer one. You mentioned the 2017 eclipse.

Also be aware that southern Sumatra is very much in the tropics and that morning can be cloudy. The eclipse is around 7:20 am.

Two months? For potentially 13 locations?!??!

You can have the same depth of experience with a hell of a lot less jet lag by visiting Epcot. Seriously, you are going to spend half that time checking in to hotels, and the other half in airport security.

Figure out how much time you have. The choose at most two locations per month. Anything less and all you’ll really be getting is a mildly unpleasant tour of the worlds airports.

To give you a feeling, My wife and I spent just short of 4 weeks on a round the world trip in 2003.

We visited Tokyo, NZ North Island, South Island, and New York. To be honest, we pitched it just right as any less time in each place would have been too little.

As a reference point, our tickets were on Star-alliance (ANA, New Zealand Airlines etc.) and it cost us £1100 each but that was economy all the way and a decade ago. (before kids…ah! memories)

I don’t know if they still do it, but ages ago a married couple I knew bought one way tickets from London to New Zealand - and they were allowed to make six stops along the way. I believe they stopped in Istanbul, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia…they also had three months to complete the trip. It made the airfare REALLY cheap for this tour.

This was pretty much what ours was. The ticket allowed a certain number of stops and we could’ve chosen such as Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Fiji, Australia, Hawaii etc.

I’ve logged 2668 hrs, have 19k HC, and it still feels like a grind. I don’t think I’d be able to get the new 150 achievement for at least another week. The worst part actually is knowing that I’m probably never going to get all the achievements. I can’t get speed-click for the life of me.