Thinking about buying a Honda Ridgeline

Went and looked at them this past weekend. I am looking for a new vehicle as part of a new PC repair biz.

One that has caught me and the wifes eye is a Honda Ridgeline.

Just curious if any dopers owned one or had any experiences one way or another with them that might provide me with insight on why I should or should not go ahead and get one.

Pros so Far:
Tons of secure flexible cargo area especially with the locking bed cover.
Roomy and comfy since I could be spending much of my day in it.
Wife likes it.
Broad body panels great for business logo decals or graphics.
Hondas legendary reliability

Cons so far:
It is a little pricey but pretty good compared to similar class vehicles.
Less than dazzling gas mileage.

any other input from the teeming millions would be appreciated.

I’ve heard it’s a great ruck, but why do you want a pickup truck for a PC repair business? You can’t put computers in the back, there’s too much risk of them getting splashed on or otherwise destroyed (even in good weather). Have you thought about a station wagon? The Audi A4 Avant is priced similarly to the Ridgeline, and looks a bit better (IMHO). You’ll get better mileage and better handling, too.

And if you’re not using the truck to haul computers for your business, why not just buy an ordinary car?

Unless, of course, you’re just using the business as an excuse to buy a truck. :slight_smile:

You’ll get the Honda quality and reliability for sure. Also Honda styling, which is good or bad depending on your perspective.

Given the deep discounts offered by GM these days, if I was looking for a truck (something Americans do well), I’d give them a once over.

Also, ditto on the open cargo bed issue raised above. Does it make sense for computer equipment transportation?

Err…great truck.

Can you lay a 4x8 sheet of plywood flat in the bed (and, ideally, close the tailgate)? If not, it’s not a real workin’ truck :smiley:

It’s a Honda. So you know it’ll be a durned good vehicle.

That being said; If you’re thinking of any heavier duty uses in the future (like towing), you should probably take a long look at the specs* on it. Not trying to sound macho, but it really is just a very beefy car, with a small bed. If you have no plans for using it like a contractor’s work truck, it’ll probably be perfect.
*This vehicle was discussed on one of my RV forums awhile back. Don’t remember many details, except that its towing/carrying ability is pretty anemic.

They have waterproof locking bed covers that can be orders as an option that I am planning on ordering. I am making a little padded tray of sorts that I can slide towers into to keep them from sliding around.

I am advertising free pickup and delivery for in shop work for a lower price than onsite work so kinda a “convenince of onsite witht the price of carry in” kinda scenario ok maybe a little more than normal carry in but they don’t need to know the details of my business model…

So carrying around 4-6 towers plus toolboxes and some parts stocks would make for messy carload. Spools of network cable, etc etc.

Want something bigger and more cushy as well as more functional than my Corolla. Several of the SUV types are well suited to this. A wagon or mini van would too but…my penis… just… won’t… let me…

No plans for towing, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. If it was it would be a small one like pulling a small box trailer or a couple jet skis :D.

The Subaru Forester is a nice SUV/wagon hybrid that I think gets better mileage and, in my opinion of course, is much better looking.

Blech, the Forester is so bland looking.

How about a BMW X3, if you don’t want a wagon? Starts at $30,300.

I took a long hard look at trucks and a pickup and snugtop was part of my initial approach. My experiences at truck dealerships recently has shattered my opinion of trucks.

If a guy is drooling over a Doge Ram 3/4 ton cummins turbo deisel crew cab feel my penis enlarging just standing here pickup, it would seem to make little sense for a salesman to try and drag him off to the row of Dakotas…that cost 10K-$15K less…wouldn’t it. Computer repair…RAM…perfect! :smiley:

Uh, I hate to say this, my mom working for Honda and all, but you do know that my ex-employer, Amalgamated Moron Manufacturing, makes parts for the Ridgeline, don’t you? Honda was having some issues with the parts they were being sent by AMM (nothing lifethreatening, mind you), so there is that. (BTW, the problem is minor and no doubt covered under warranty, but you might have issues with some unexpected rusting in places where you shouldn’t.)

That being said, I’ve no doubt that the expensive parts of the truck (engine and transmission) will hold up fine for probably at least 2 decades if you perform the scheduled maintence, like you’re supposed to.

I have spent some time reading on a ridgeline owners forum where there was much discussion of bad paint, water leaks, oil usage, wind noise, odd noises that many opine to be the ABS setting or adjusting itself, etc, etc. Most of it was things that are supposedly now corrected .

I expect any new car line to have a quirk or two that eventually get fixed. I would appreciate it if you could email me a quick note on what that rust problem is just so I know what to look out for.

Cool :cool:

Just in case anyone cares, I think that Clancy Brown does the voiceover on the Honda Ridgeline commercial.