Does anyone here have a Honda Insight?

My local Honda dealership is running a great deal on Insights right now ($219/LX; $239/EX and $279/EX-NAV, no down payment, 36 months, 12000miles/year, this is very close to the same prices for a 4 door Accord). Anyways, I’m thinking about getting one. Personally, if I’m going to get a hybrid I rather get a Ford Fusion, Ford Escape or Mercury Mariner but there aren’t any lease specials on those right now.
So, for all of you that have an Insight, do you like it? Is it as noisy on wobbly as some of the reviews seem to think*? Should I get the insurance that the dealer is going to try to get me to buy?
Is there anything else I should know?

Or should I just stick get an Accord instead?
Or is there anything else I should be looking at (BTW, I don’t have any loyalty to Honda or any other brand)?

*Some of the reviews say that the road noise it makes is typical for a smaller car, I’ve been driving a Civic for almost 4 years, a Cavalier before that and a Grand Am before that, so that’s what I have to compare it to).

First I would say test drive it to see how it drives and sounds to you.

Don’t get anything from the dealer such as extended warranty, etc. Hondas are very reliable so all that is just pure profit for the dealer. When I bought my last Honda they tried to sell me all kinds of worthless crap, I told them no to all of it but they made me listed to their sales pitch anyway. All of that extra crap is where they make a good deal of money if you get a great deal on the car itself.

I got the extended warranties on my Civic and my wife’s Pilot. When I got it on my Civic the main reason was that it gave me free oil changes for the entire lease as well as a coupon for $250 my next purchase or lease of a vehicle there. They did replace my battery and fix a roof leak under warranty, but there were a few other reasons that it left a bad taste in my mouth. so when my wife got her Pilot and he pulled out the warranty worksheets, I said “Nope, don’t even tell me about them” He said that he strongly recommends at least the cheapest plan, it add $15 per month and at the very least you get the oil changes, the coupons and it makes sure you don’t find yourself stranded on the side of the road" “Nope” I repeated “I don’t want it” this went back and forth a few times and all of a sudden the $15 per month turned into something silly like $7/mo. Works out to $336 which IMHO was worth it.

Anyways, this lease will only be 36 months and my fear is that something expensive could break that the factory warranty won’t cover…hmmmm, back to to see what the factory warranty covers (like the battery?).

I’m back…the battery is covered for well longer the the lease.

I would say if you are warning me about being stranded on the side of the road then I don’t want to buy this car. Because you are telling me the car may not be reliable and that’s a really dumb way to try to sell a car.

The latest big scam is “doc fees” which they will swear on stacks of Bibles you are required to pay. Those are also just pure profit. They used to be called dealer prep.

Well…I’m not trying to threadshit, but I wouldn’t lease a car ever. IMO it’s just a bad deal. You pay $219 a month for 36 months (so $7884), and the end of it all you have nothing to show for it. They take back the car and all that money that could have gone towards a loan and making a car actually yours is gone.

That’s only really the case if you chose not to keep the car. On my Civic, I pay about (not including tax) $250 a month for 48 months which works out to $12,000 (the warranty is worked into that figure since I don’t remember how much it is per month), at the end of the lease I have the option to buy the car for about $8500. So, if I were to chose to buy the car, the money I put towards the lease would go towards the purchase.
Also, don’t forget, when you lease not only are the payments considerably smaller, you get rid of the car before any major problems develop. I’ve had some minor repairs on it, sure, but I’ll have a significantly reduced chance of throwing a connecting rod through the oil pan or having my timing belt break and ruining all my valves.

Also, WRT the warranty and not buying a car if they suggest it could break down. That warranty also covers things like running out of gas on the side of the road or needed a flat tire changed and that type of stuff.

The folks over at have an Insight in their long-term test fleet, and they’ve been blogging about it. You might want to read through there and see if it seems like a car for you.

Bumping this for the morning crowd.

Yeah, but as long as we’re talking about a Honda, that’s a pretty minor worry. Your 36,000 miles included in the lease is probably about 100,000 miles (and maybe a lot more) before it’ll need major work, if you make sure it gets its scheduled maintenance.

My current lease is 60,000, the battery was replaced, and a leak was fixed under warranty. The broken sun visor happened at about 30,000 but wasn’t covered and at about 61,000 (just out of warranty) an air bag sensor broke which I had to pay for. While I don’t think the warranty paid for itself, that was enough minor things to make me slightly concerned. Hopefully the more major things are built a bit sturdier.

Odd as it is, at the moment I’m going back and forth between a Honda Insight and a Honda Pilot. The Insight get’s great mileage (compared to the Pilot, not the Civic) and if fulfills my need for gadgety things. The Pilot on the other hand is a great vehicle.
The only thing that’s holding me back is that the Pilot will end up being $100 more a month.