Thinking about Road tripping to Florida

My family is in Orlando and they took a brunt hit but had no damage to the house thankfully. But their neighbors were not so lucky, many took roof damage from the storm and from branches hitting the rooves.

No I guess it isn’t mundane or pointless, and perhaps it belongs in GQ, but what I want to do is get opinions. I grew up in Florida and I remember Andrew rolling through. To wake up and see Charley’s devastation, I find myself with a strong pull to skip the first week of schools and go down to Florida and try to help.

Does anyone know if I would be a hindrance or a help? Are there volunteer organizations who I can contact for information?

The church based disaster relief charities will always take volunteers.

Glad to hear your family is ok :slight_smile:

I have a friend in Orlando I was planning on visiting this weekend, but the roads in town will be difficult to traverse with all the trees down. He can’t even get out of his neighborhood yet. Many areas of the city are still without power too.

The traffic is going to be very bad with so many people who evacuated trying to get back into their homes, if they still stand. As far as what you can do to help, contact the Red Cross to see if there is anything in particular that they need. You can call them at (800) HELP NOW for donation information, or (866) GET INFO for information on damage. I’m sure any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated; however at this moment I think it would be very difficult to get down there.