Thinking about summer vacation in the MMP

Having gone to the tiki bar yesterday, tonight we finished off our leftovers from Friday: half of a taco salad and two hot wings for me, half of a very large pork tamale for the spousal unit.

Yeah, no kidding.

Not a fun task, but … gotta be better than how your currently spend your days.

I look forward to {throwing confetti} at your hopefully-not-too-distant-future announcement about some fabulous new job you landed.

Well, that didn’t work out. I called over an hour&ahalf before they closed, only to be told they didn’t have any more to-go slots available tonight.

They’re also heavily advertising that they’re hiring. Coincidence? I think not.

Good thing I had two small chunks’o’cow in the fridge that I was procrastinating on … they’re now in a marinade bath. There’s an ear of corn, butter, plus not one but two avocados that are probably within that brief “eat me now!” window.

I probably shan’t starve.

It was warm and clear (though windy as hell) through sundown. I dunno about any tunder-boomers :thinking: although these wind gusts are dramatic enough on their own.


I’m under a severe weather watch. I haven’t looked into it any further. I chased a turbo-charged 3 1/2 year old all day, I’z tired.

For some reason, I don’t want corn anymore. Sue me.
I have a few crusty rolls to stand in for the carb-y aspect.

The avocados? Oh, GOD the avocados. Not even Haas (haven’t seen those since coming to Michigan - I do miss those!) but still, these are richly flavored, nicely ripened … and they were on sale for TEN CENTS A PIECE.

I’ve fixed them Brazilian style, with lemon and sugar (as opposed to lime and salt) mashed into a dessert pudding.
If you like avocados, and you want maybe something a bit different from the usual guacamole, try them this way! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to dinner, and I had a good day at work, so I’m in a terrific mood. So … gotta spread the love.

To whom?

Why, to the critters, of course. Who else do I have to spoil right now?

Kitties got crunchy treats tossed around to chase, and catnip ("wanna get high?") AND then also split a tube of Squeezy Crack.

Charm got some curled oak leaves added to her little tank, so she got some new hidey spots and crinkly stuff to explore.

Ratties got a boring ration of brown rice and oatmeal … then … a scoop of dried mealworms! :partying_face: Doesn’t sound like much to me or you (hell, they kinda squick me out!) but trust me, it’s a party-feast for the soft-furs tonight.

Princess Allie views her hairball gunk as quite the treat to be consumed directly from the tube. :slight_smile:

Evening all. Off to bed in a short while I think, even with nappage the mowing took a bit out of me. Should have gone to Texas Roadhouse, instead went to the other one (Logan’s Roadhouse) for meatloaf and had a less-than-stellar experience in terms of service. Ah well, can’t win them all. Anyway it’s raining a bit and more is expected tonight and Tuesday, so the early-week soccer practices are in question. We’ll see.

Nettie, sounds like your preparing for the worst and from what you describe, I think you are being wise. Hope something else comes along.

OK, good night to all and to all a good night. Catch you tomorrow.

Cow tipping? Really need to get out more.