Thinking back, isn't the entire concept of people streaking in public creepy?

Don’t look, Ethel!

Exactly- like there would be some event, and a streaker would come running through, and it would be mildly disruptive and silly, and everyone would have a laugh, and the event would go on. It wasn’t a sexual thing- just a “Hey- naked person?!?” thought as they ran by, then a laugh at the absurdity, and then it was over.

Has anyone heard from @Princhester in the last 24 hours or so?

I was at a work party, Christmas or something – I forget, during the height of the craze and an individual in a ski mask did that. The initial reaction as you say, then a few minutes later he came strolling back and after a very short time was pointedly told to leave or be detained and his mask pulled off.

Nudity happens at some Drachenwald events, but IME only in the context of sauna. Some guy just doing naked yoga would not fly. Also, hardly “an attempt at period clothing”, yeah?

There was much discussion, considering that EVERYONE is always naked under their clothes and once you tolerate Tuchuks and Gor fetishists it’s a teensy bit hypocritical to decide that two scraps of bunny fur is okay but sun’s out buns out isn’t. What finally tipped the scales was that he set up his yoga session right at the confluence of two major pathways and right near a bank of privies so he was right at Traffic Central and the smalls were starting to get a bit too curious about the dude so we shut his little junkshow down and asked him politely to get with the dress code, pointed him toward Gold Key if he was THAT in need of clothing. As I recall he behaved pretty well for the rest of the event. He was right in eyeshot of my sunshade and was built like a brick shithouse so I have to admit it was scenic, if a bit more than necessary.