Thinking of getting circumcised. Some Questions

Any reason not to do it?

How is it done?

Do I have to go to the hospital? Or can my regular doctor do it?

How much does it cost?

How long does it take to heal?

Will it hurt?

Does it really hurt that much during the first urination post-surgery?

Adult Circumcision

I’ll go on a bit of risk here and assume that you’re an adult, yes?

If so, why would you be willing to have sharp things anywhere near your nether bits?

…and in case you change your mind


Urgent medical indication?
Religious requirement?
Personal hygiene?
Juvenile supidity? :rolleyes:

A little of the last 2 spin

…and remember, follow the advice of any competent carpenter:“Measure twice, cut once.” :smiley:

Mercury points out that this is the perfect time for this smiley: ;j (He should be much sadder, I think.)

Well, I had this done when I was 14, and fully grown (ahem), so I guess I can answer. This is naturally TMI territory.

They put you under general anesthesia, you wake up, a nurse takes a peek at your naughty bits, and they send you home. You have to change the bandage daily, which can be a little painful. Also, looking at your post-operative member is, uh, interesting. At first, it looked like a triceratops had exploded in my groin. It got better over the weeks to the point where it merely looked like a roasted pig. It’ll be very misshappen for a while. It looks really, really weird. I wish I’d taken pictures. You’re going to have scars no matter what.

It’s going to hurt. Showers will be difficult. A freshly-chopped penis does not like being pelted with hot water. And erections are a nightmare. And whatever you do, listen to your doctor and don’t attempt to take matters into your own hands, so to speak. I didn’t listen (I was 14!), popped a stitch, and now I have a fascinating “ornament” at the tip. (I hear it looks badass, actually. It’s like a fleshy horn. This may work in your favor.)

Well, there’s the old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I’m 59, not circumcised, and I’ve never never gotten a negative reaction (been laughed at) by a woman. Some have liked to play with it. One liked to blow it up like a little balloon. :stuck_out_tongue:
There ya go!

Any surgery entail at least some minimal risk : anesthesia accident, botched surgery…

A better question would generally be : “Any reason to do it?”

How is it done?

I wouldn’t know, and probably don’t want to. From my point of view, you go to sleep, than wake up and notice it has been done.

I went to the hospital. I assume you have to if you’re an adult, because I doubt it would be done without anesthesia, but I wouldn’t know for sure.

I wouldn’t know.

Something like two weeks, if I remember correctly. Perhaps a little more.

Yes, but not all the time. Only when you mess with the thing (like when you’re taking care of its recovery, bathing it in antiseptic, etc…). And it doesn’t hurt that much, really.

Yes, it does hurt. Once again, not that much. I’m wondering why, by the way, since they don’t touch your urethra.

Anyway, you should ask these questions to the potential penis hacker…err… I mean surgeon.

No, he (big assumption, huh?) should do a search and wade through all the previous threads on this subject. :wink:
Ask a couple doctors. Really.

I plan on asking my doctor next time I see him. I figured I’d ask the Dopers first, mostly hoping to hear about other people’s experience.

Here’s the hilarious account of someone who circumcised himself. Maybe a little TMI…

I’m not opposed to body modification, and I respect your right to make decisions about your body.

But this is also a surgery, and all surgery has its risks. Small ones include infection (and complications stemming from it) and possible death if indeed it’s done under general anaesthesia. Many people, further, believe that sensation is diminished by circumcision, which is probably not a positive benefit.

Why do you want to? I mean, is there actually a reason? “No reason not to” isn’t much of a reason to do something - and people do die from anaesthesia on occasion.

Unless there’s some health reason why you have to be circumcised, I would really, really, discourage you from going through with this. Trust me on that one.

I can tell you that the men on the foreskin restoration list would all give you a great many reasons not to do it. And the largest of these is: if you decide you’re not happy with your decision, you’ll be facing the rest of your life unhappy with your boy bits, or you’ll be facing at least a year, and as long as 6 or 7 years, tugging to create a fauxskin…which will never be quite as good as the original.

If you want the opinions of some men who’ve been there and done that (including men who were cut as adults and decided they didn’t like the effects), sign up at and ask them. They will tell you not to do it. They will tell you WHY. If you want somebody to tell you TO do it, look around on the circlist website. Maybe there’s a list somewhere of men who were cut as adults because of a religious conversion, and have no particular emotional involvement. I don’t know of any.

Uh. Look. You’re talking about your genitals here. Your regular doctor probably doesn’t do a whole lot of these, and isn’t in practice. Do you REALLY want to trust him on this?

Apparently around $1200 US. Some insurances won’t cover it if it’s elective.

A couple of weeks.

Yes. You would be having someone take a scalpel to your penis, removing a chunk of skin the size of an index card (more or less) and sewing the edges together. It will hurt. If you’re that afraid of the pain for what may be nothing more than a vanity body mod, then think real seriously before you go under the knife. It’s surgery. Cutting hurts. But, it does appear to heal up fairly rapidly. The pictures on the circlist website would reassure me if I were facing a similar surgery for medical reasons.

Thanks for my laugh of the day, MG. That was classic.

I am circumcised (as infant) and certainly don’t care whether I was or not, but as others have pointed out, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Whatever ya do, don’t have these guys do it (TMI but SFW):


I was circumcised at birth, & got off easy with a weird blue spot (severed blood vessel?) at the scar line. If I have sons, they’re going to be uncut unless they convert to something. Period. If cleanliness is a concern, or uncomfortable erections, either way stretching & cleaning your foreskin is a saner way to go. Just treat it as part of playing with your cock. You need to be willing to play with your cock; in a few years you need to do the testicular cancer checks, so learn to enjoy it. Oy.

I don’t know exactly what she was doing here but I have read that actually blowing air up the urethral opening can have fatal consequences. Be carfeful.