Thinking of taking the 72oz steak challenge - thoughts, advice . . . prayers?

I was curious as to how many pounds of meat that was.

(72 / 16 = 4.5 ) * 4 = 18 pounds of meat. Good lord! The funny part is the google ad I see at the bottom of the page:

I think the second step probably has something to do with vomiting up the 18 pounds of steak you just ate.

How many times does one flush the next morning while taking their morning dump after eating a meal that big?

I took a pepto bismol tablet right after finishing the meal to ensure a settled tummy.

I had to eat a normal sized baked potato and a side salad. There was No way I could have done twelve more ounces of meat, it gets monotonous. Steak sauce and pepper are your friends.

I didn’t have to train, I’m one of those little guys who can eat lots of food. I normally eat around 3500-4000 calories a day and I can’t gain weight.

  1. Followed by several more respectable craps throughout the day and the following morning.

Godspeed, Cisco! salutes with tears in eyes

I second the call for pictures / webcam footage. It’ll help me on my diet. :smiley:

I seem to recall reading something about the Japanese hot dog guy saying that drinking some soda during eating was a good idea, because you could burp and then feel like you had some more room.

He usually dips his buns in water, but sometimes 7-up. I would think the sugar would contribute to the full feeling but Kobayashi knows best in these matters. By the way . . . this challenge would be an appetizer to him. He could probably do 5 of them in one sitting.

Damn. It doesn’t matter what your question is, somebody on the SDMB is an expert. (Except, evidently, painting signs on windows. Nobody’s done that, it seems.)

Soul and Acid Lamp (and any other big eaters for that matter):

Have you done the milk challenge, and if so how’d you do?


According to the interviews with the competitive eaters I’ve heard, they train by drinking lots of water to expand their stomachs in the days leading up to competition. Good luck, and it would be really interesting to see what your cholesterol readings are before and after the big feed.

I metabolize water so quickly I’m afraid drinking a large enough amount fast enough to stretch my stomach would be dangerous. I’ll look into that, though. Thank you.

Texas style dinner theatre.

There will be no trip to the bathroom. I’ve got to give the people what they want: a clean plate or a Roman shower.

Ask for a variety of steak sauces to vary the flavor of the meat, and I second the recommendation to have it medium to well done. For the side salad, go for a creamy dressing-easier on the stomach.

I’ve never attempted the milk challenge, although I’m a bit curious about it. I graduate from college in a month – I should really do that while I can still chalk it up to being a crazy student.

ETA: No trip to the bathroom? You’re a brave, brave man. Just so you know, if you do toss 'em, there’s a McDonald’s one exit west of there. You know, just in case you want a milkshake or something to wash it all down with.

There are quite a few attempts on youtube, so if you havn’t already watched them I suggest you check them out and see how others did/failed.

What is the milk challenge?

Don’t pace yourself,eat quickly.

Drinking one gallon of milk in an hour. Not as easy as it sounds.

I’m dead certain I could do that. Is there a place that offers this challenge, and what would I win?

Can it be chocolate milk? If so, I know I could do that easily.