Cisco: Did you ever eat six pounds of steak?


Thinking of taking the 72oz steak challenge - thoughts, advice . . . prayers?

Cisco, did you ever give it a whirl? The thread died and I couldn’t find a follow-up anywhere.

How on earth did I find this, you might ask? Well, back years ago during my last incarceration, er, stay on the SDMB, there was this fantastic thread with a post containing links to about ten of Lieu’s classic poo threads. The steak thread came out thanks to the piquant suggestion:

72 oz is only four and a half pounds, but that’s still an absurd amount of meat to eat in one sitting.

Not to beat a dead horse in the other thread, but tell us about experiences with the White Bread challenge and Saltine challenges! I don’t think I could finish a 72 oz steak, but I eat saltines and white bread as snacks all the time!

See, this is why I majored in math and not accounting. :smack:

I trained for it for awhile and then the road trip didn’t end up happening. I ate some similar (though much smaller) meals at Fuddrucker’s and realized,

-eating for glory sucks, and hurts
-I was gonna be a lardass and possibly a heart attack victim by the time I was done training
-Fuddrucker’s is overpriced

Then I read on the internet that some people train by drinking large amounts of water to avoid all the calories and big gross dumps. I was paranoid of hyponatremia so I added some salt and baking soda and went about it. That sucked too. I guess I was pretty relieved that it didn’t happen but I’d give it another go if the opportunity presented itself again. I want to try the milk challenge again because I came ridiculously close and that was shortly after dinner & drinks.