What's the most you've ever eaten in one sitting?

Just like the question says: what’s the most food you’ve ever been able to cram down at once?

Christmas Eve is our holiday family gathering and a slice of hell. The one saving grace is that we eat prime rib and my grandma, bless her heart, cooks it rare the way Papa, Dad, and I like it.

Years ago, I gave up any pretense of eating any other food. I drink wine and beer all day and then at dinner time I eat prime rib until I can’t lift the fork. I’d estimate 32oz of rare roast beast and a bottle of Ste. Michelle Riesling.

Probably 72 wings in a wing eating contest.

At least that’s the only quantifiable data point I have.

Probably a large pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni. I would have waited a little while for dessert so I guess I can’t count that.

back when I was in my teens I managed a dozen 1.5 lb lobsters. Beat my brother out by a tail and a claw :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t eat much, I’m not a fan of food, generally. The most I’ve eaten in one sitting would be something like an entire pizza, or a whole (but small) chicken.

A dozen lobsters!? Holy shit man, did you want to die afterward? I went to a lobster feed this summer, had considerably less than your impressive amount, and had never felt more gluttonous and sick.

Once in college we went on a trip for the newspaper. We were in Denver for a couple of nights and my roommate and I went to a fancy steakhouse a few doors from the hotel. Don’t remember the name. We shared a huge bowl of peel n eat shrimp - it was a mixing-bowl size stainless steel bowl, with ice on the bottom - I have no idea how many we actually went through, but it was a lot, they were huge and delicious. Then we ordered steaks and mine was a 24-oz porterhouse IIRC, then we had dessert. It was all really good.

I shat thrice the next day.

You’d have to be a local, but I can remember as a kid eating two Tommy’s double-chili-cheeseburgers and one single chili-cheeseburger in a sitting. I also remember being a bit ill afterward.

I also think I ate three McDonald’s Quarter Pounders w/cheese in my youth.

I was working a heavy labor job in a machine shop, and I ate a lot at the time. I think in general I ate around 5000 kcal a day and pretty much promptly burned them off. Hefting around crates of valve bodies and hunks of metal burns a lot of calories. My average lunch was 2 complete boxes of kraft mac n cheese and a salad.

When I did the diabetic thing I lost around 50 lbs in the first 2 months of being on the recommended diet … and when you start out at a very highly muscled 160 lbs/67 inches tall they start looking at you like you are anorexic [any loss of 25% of your weight in a short time or something absurd like that] so the nutritionist had to refigure out my diet on a mans table, not the womens table.

I ordered a large Hungry Howies pizza with everything, including anchovies.

I ate the whole thing, which caused massive gas. I was alone at the time and wanted to try it, so I was more amused than disturbed. :slight_smile:

Impressive indeed!

That sucks, I’m sorry. I’m a chow hound, I can’t imagine having to diet that carefully. Are you doing okay now?

My friend and I went to a steakhouse and we each got two 16-oz prime ribs. Each steak came with two side dishes, so we got 8 generously sized side dishes between us. We finished all of the steak and almost all of the sides. My friend won however - he ate an ice cream brownie for an appetizer (he always eats dessert first).

He weighed about 135 pounds. I weighed 165. At least that’s what we weighed walking in. I imagine that we each weighed 5 pounds more walking out.

We came in from the field to the Prudhoe complex and went straight to the mess hall for our first good meal in awhile after a lot of hard work. I remember being both amazed and a little embarrassed by the volume I put away that day. I just couldn’t get full. It was 4 large steaks, 3 big chicken cordon bleus, a piled high plate of king crab legs, sides, a couple of slices of pecan pie and some ice cream. Obviously it was all free. I could have eaten more still but thought better of it. No sense in pushing things.

I almost never laugh out loud.

But I did after reading this sentence.

I can’t say which was the most, but some memorable ones:

[li]Nine McDonalds quarter pounders + 3 large fries + 2 shakes[/li][li]32 oz steak with salad, sides, dessert[/li][li]On a cruise ship you can eat as much as you want - I had one dinner with a soup, a salad, 3 appetizers, 2 full entree plates, and 3 desserts, and a bottle of wine. I wasn’t *quite *full.[/li][/ul]
And I’m a skinny guy.

I bow to you, sir.

Back when I weighed in at 140 lbs. and generally ate one meal per day, I would down huge amounts of food in one sitting. Stuff like: three full-size pizzeria pizzas and a liter of coke before continuing working as usual. Or a 30-pack of fish sticks (2 lbs.) plus a big sack a french fries (2,25 lbs.) plus drinks once I got home. So I’d estimate I could comfortably do about 6.5 lbs. at one go. No idea how I would’ve fared at eating competitions - I did this for fun.

I have been diabetic since 1980, so I am very accustomed to it =) It is pretty much automatic now. I haven’t had to tweak my diet since the mid 80s, when I went from heavy labor to office/sedentary, though it was difficult the first year waiting for my stomach to shrink [i guess that is what happened]

I will actually do the occasional piece of birthday or wedding cake but honestly it is just plain too sweet. When I bake, I cheat and use splenda even if I am baking for normals, and I even cut down the sweetness level and most people don’t even notice [other than it is more apple-y or pumpkin-y and really good … ]

Realistically? If you follow a good food pyramid, and portion control long enough you learn that you don’t go hungry, you get all the fiber that you need and you can eat pretty tastily. I certainly don’t feel deprived because I cant go to a buffet and load up 6 plates of food. I know we have been discussing one of those tasting menus in a different thread, I could actually go for one of those some time, even though it would actually be heavier in protein and fat than I should have … but I bet I could put together a tasting menu that would follow what I need to eat for dinner, using stuff like a single shrimp or a single small scallop, or a bite of wagyu beef, and a single bite of fois gras, and a purple asparagus tip, and a tiny baby artichoke and so forth … at least 10 ‘dishes’ of a tasting menu. It would be an interesting exercise sometime :smiley:

Ah portion control. One of these days I’ll get the hang of that. :slight_smile: I’ve always been curious about the tasting menu experience, sounds fun.