Thinking one is more important than one actually is

I’m giving some advice to a friend and I want some examples of the results of someone believing they are more important than they actually are.

Oedpus Rex

delusions of grandeur

butterfly wings

William Shatner.

Almost everyone in Hollywood


population of France, Europe. :smiley:

Important to whom?
and how do you know he isn’t exactly as important as he thinks he is?
For that matter does anyone really not feel that THEY are themselves ultimately the most important?

Just about every middle management person in the world.


Hillary Clinton

Howard Dean and Bill Clinton

Paris Hilton

Fred Phelps

Any “winner” of a reality TV game show.

About half the people I work with.

More than half the customers I deal with.

Leonard Stern.

Shannon Doherty (SP? that girl on Beverly Hills 90210)

Oh, and BWAHAHAHAHA! What happened to her…

16 replies before a mention of “Michael Jackson”?