Thinner, by Richard Bachman

I just finished this book, and I really liked it, for some reason. It was fairly good until the twist at the very end, and the twist elevated it even more.

VERY basic summary: He hits a gypsy woman with his car and kills her. Another gypsy curses him to keep getting thinner, and thinner.
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I really liked the end where he brings the pie home to his wife and his daughter eats it accidentally, and out of despair then he chows down, too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really in favor of such brutal revenge but I honestly didn’t expect the twist. I thought he would feed it to his wife and the book would end on him saying something slightly creepy to his daughter, like “Your mother…something’s happened to her.” I totally didn’t see the twist of his daughter coming home & then him eating it out of despair. What can I say, sometimes I have sick tastes.

My favorite aspect of the book is how he’s originally quite overweight, and he views the curse as a positive thing for quite some time, until he figures out that it’s not…going…to stop. :cool:

Also, his mobster friend was way cool.

When the gypsy gave him the pie, he said "You eat pie. You die thin, but strong. I thought he did it to save his daughter from getting the “curse” of the pie

When come back, bring pie.

I always found that that book read like a Stephen King novel to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zev Steinhardt

Wow, really? It never occured to me. :wink:

Humor-impaired: that’s a joke.

Pay attention-I believe at one point his says that his situation is “Like something out of a novel by Stephen King!”


(Oh, btw-do NOT watch the movie. It sucks)

Only King book I made it through. I loved it. Then again you put gypsies in something I will like it.

The movie version changes the ending into a Tales from the Darkside style thing.

You HAVE to watch Disney’s Babes in Toyland!


I liked the movie, but only because I had just travelled down rt. 1 from Bar Harbor to, well, out of Maine, the day before I saw it and that’s where the move took place.

That is one of only two King books that I enjoyed, the other being Firestarter. Its been a long time, but I vaguely recall being someone disappointed with the ending. Was a good read overall though.