ThirdVoice: for or against?


I wasn’t talking of banning it with any legislation. I was thinking it might suffer the same fate as tobacco companies. Of course, I doubt Thirdvoice would have the same resources, and would flop over and die quickly.
Now that I’ve thought about it, I see no problem with it. I have heard the software is buggy as hell, which will cut down on its popularity. Your parallel with the special TV is close.
As an amatuer web builder, I still would like an “opt out” feature for web sites.

So you feel the sarcastic TV should be banned (or suffer legislative punishment like tobacco) as well?

I’m resurrecting this ancient thread because Third Voice has a new version out, Third Voice 2000.

I’ve only played with it a little, but the first obvious thing I see is that the discussions that people add to web pages are now in a seperate panel to the side of the browser. I think this makes the content that 3rd Voice users make that is linked to page more seperate from the page, and it’s clearer that it’s not “official” content of the page. (I hope that run-on sentence is understandable).

Yes, you can call the police. And unless this person is actually on your property, the police will probably get annoyed at you for wasting their time with something that’s none of your business.

Read Tim Berners-Lee’s book “Weaveing the Web”

He’s basically the guy that made the web. The way he initially invisioned it, it’d be a huge storehouse of knowlage that people were alway adding to. Obviously that wouldn’t work now, but ThirdVoice brings a little bit of that to life.

Honestly, how different is it than setting up a messege board about a web page. Nothing wrong with that.