Site software upgrade message

I just got a popup box telling me that the site has a new software upgrade (I think that was the wording, I should have copied it before I ditched it) and giving me an option to get it or to cancel. I cancelled, on the grounds that I didn’t know what I would have been agreeing to. Anybody else get this? And/or know what was it about?

I didn’t get anything. Was it a pop up generated by your OS, or in the style of Discourse?

Yeah, I didn’t get anything, either. Maybe it was just your browser?

You don’t have any “site software” on your computer, it’s all done through the browser. I have no doubt it would have installed malware.

Do you use an App to read the Dope on your Phone/Tablet?

There should be no PC/Laptop based software upgrade.

I remember it as looking like a smaller Discourse window, but I didn’t think to take a screenshot and might be remembering it wrong. If it shows up again I’ll screenshot it.

I’m on a desktop, a mac mini.

I also was puzzled about any claim that I needed to do anything about any updates Discourse was doing to Discourse, as I’d assumed that would all be taken care of within the site’s own processes.

Will presume that the thing was a malware attempt of some sort.

Thanks, all.

Did you ever install Discourse as an app? That is an option, at least, in Chrome. It shows a little icon that will let me install the website as an app. I tried it out (since I knew it was legit), and all it does is load the site in a separate window and put an icon on my desktop. I think it may also have kept a opt of the actual JavaScript and such locally.

If you ever did that, (and didn’t then uninstall it like I did) I could see it telling you to install an upgraded version.

No. I’m just going to the web page in a browser, usually Firefox; no apps or plugins involved. Browser requests for updates do happen, but they don’t look like that one did. (And I don’t update directly from those, but from the browser’s own update menu; though they do generally seem to be legit.)

Yes, we are looking at improving this so it is less of a popup OK/cancel dialog and more of an unobtrusive notice…

It’s not super common for the software to get updated, so you won’t run into this, like… every day. Or even every week.

Not sure I want to sign up for that site just to say this, so I’ll say it here: multiple tabs isn’t some pathological part of the site. It’s just how I surf the Internet. I’m going to open multiple threads in different tabs, and then go read them.

There isn’t any site that I use for extended periods where I don’t have multiple tabs of it open. It’s nothing wrong with Discourse at all.

That said, I didn’t happen to have any tabs open when the changeover happened, or I might have noticed the dialog. I’m not a big fan of modal dialogs, period, so I would have noticed.

Multiple tabs is also the most common response to my complaints about feeling lost when stuff disappears in Discourse after i read it. “Huh?, Why did you refresh that tab with a list of topics at all? Why didn’t you just open all the topics you are interested in in separate tabs and leave the first one alone?”

I don’t think that’s the one I saw. If it does show up again I’ll take a screenshot.

It’s exactly this, a popup box.


But soon it will be de popup-boxed (the software UX term for this is “modal dialog”) and look like this


I’m fairly certain that (the first picture) what you meant, but if it isn’t, please let me know.

I don’t think that was it; IIRC, it didn’t just say the site was just updated, it said something about new software. As I said, I should have taken a screenshot, and if it ever shows up again I’ll do that.