Uh-oh, performance issues on straightDope.com? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I’ve been getting some significant page loading delays lately. I first noticed it a couple of days ago when it was infrequent. But this morning it has happened several times.

Anyone else?

Earlier in my phone I got this, for a long time while a page was loading.

Working fine here.

Always stakes forever due to my ad blocker. Can take 10 minutes to access the place sometimes.

Yes, just in the past hour.

No problem at all. I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem since we switched to Discourse.

Last couple of days, yes. Today seems better.

Hard to tell a site’s problems from my connection’s problems; but did seem to be better on other sites while it was bad here.

No problems here, everything normal.

Everything seems to be fine here, too. Could the hurricanes be causing lag in some areas?

I had that same screen twice today.
I rebooted and it stopped

I’m literally in Florida the day after Ian struck us directly so… Maybe.

I’m in New York so no.

This page refused to respond to either attempts to quote or attempts to reply to the thread until I refreshed it.

It seems to be working well for most, but a few have had some issues. We switched to Discourse around March 2020. Discourse has been a huge improvement.

Many of us were getting this screen just before the change:

I saved a couple of the old screens, for posterity, with today’s blue screen, here:

@Bullitt, I’m not complaining about the transition to Discourse back in 2020. This is a new problem for me; so I doubt it’s something inherent to Discourse, unless something about Discourse has changed quite recently. And also the problem’s intermittent, at least for me.

I’m not complaining about Discourse either. And so far this current situation (not a problem, really), has been intermittent for me too. I’ve seen it sporadically maybe 2-3x in the last few days, and then this morning it was happening frequently.

I wanted to see if others were experiencing similar behavior.

I’ve had this ussue on many sites the last few days, so perhaps old Mrs. Amazon is having trouble with her cloud.

For a couple of days this week I was having problems - click on a thread and go make a cup of coffee while it loads. Seems back to normal now.

Earlier today I was getting more delayed page loading. Go make a cup of coffee, or go build a house without power tools, then come back.

Weird. Mine is still lightning fast. It seems most of the problems are US, both urban and rural. I wonder if it’s some kind of regional problem?

Maybe she lost it in her second divorce. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes it could possibly be based on region.