Painfully slow today

The SDMB is painfully slow today - like vBulletin in its heyday. The forum list page, a forum page, or opening a thread will wait anywhere from a few seconds to 30 seconds or so, and as often as not, result in a blank page.

Anyone else seeing this? Something up with AWS today?

ETA: Interestingly, posting this thread was instantaneous…

I am not noticing any lag at all.

Neither am I.


You know that long-lasting problem with the car that disappears the second you try to point it out to your mechanic? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No lag here. No lagomorphs, either.

Or software, or plumbing, or whatever…

It’s getting a little better. Still 10-15 seconds to load a thread. Maybe something in my browser, though no other sites seem affected. Oh well, probably something transient then.

Check Task Manager to see if something else is running that might interfere.

I’ve been on and off since early this morning and it has run fine for me. At least 7 hours.

I remember when the SDMB used to be painfully slow, prior to Discourse. (And also completely down sometimes but that’s a different issue.)

Nothing like that today though. Or any other day since Discourse.

It settled down to about 15 seconds to load a page. Restarting browser didn’t help, restarting Windows didn’t help. But now after about half an hour, it’s fine.

Gremlins, I guess.

I haven’t noticed any lag today.

I suppose it could be some sort of network issue between your location and the SDMB server.

If you open up a command prompt and type “ping” (without the quotes, of course) what do you get?

Don’t feed your computer after midnight.

Average ping time to is 18ms.

According to the Firefox status bar, the delays would occur while “Transferring data from…”. But my average ping to that is only about 54ms, so it’s not the network, it’s the service on the server (if anything).

I hate to be “that guy” but do ads show up for you? (As a Charter Member I’d expect they don’t, but I’m just asking in case.) If for some reason they are, I could see that causing the issue.

Nope, no ads anywhere ever. Which is a very good thing.

If you are a Charter Member, you shouldn’t see ads on the SDMB (you will see them on the main Straight Dope page though,that page doesn’t care about your membership status). The membership system is kinda borked at the moment, but the part about not seeing ads should be working, or at least it was a few months ago.

Members should not see ads either.

Have you tried rebooting? Sometimes i get one or two apps that are misbehaving, and rebooting my computer cleans up whatever the problem was.

Yes (see post #9). Didn’t help at the time. But as of now, things seem to have resolved. Apparently a temporary slowdown on the server.

When it was at its worst, it seemed like a database lock kind of thing. I would load two or three SDMB pages in separate tabs, starting them several seconds apart, but they would all time out simultaneously.

I’ll update this thread if the problem occurs again (hopefully it won’t).

Ah, i didn’t read “restarting Windows” as “rebooting the computer”, but i guess that’s what you meant. Sorry.

Fwiw, it’s been fine for me all day.

It may not mean much, but were any other sites similarly affected?

A Discourse slowdown has happened to me several times. It is sometimes due to a Discourse update for the site. It is sometimes due to a Windows update on my computer. And sometimes I couldn’t tell what caused it, and it just resolved on its own.