Painfully slow today

No lag for me, and my wifi bites.

Once in a while, that happens to me when my wifi is acting up. (i.e. the problem could be with your internet connection and not the SDMB.)

Is there a way of “restarting Windows” without restarting the computer? (Assuming you’re using a modern version of Windows, and not, say, Windows 3.1?)

I just had a long load time when returning to the forum page.

Technically yes. If you sign out of Windows it will close running programs and stop services. Signing back in will start those services back up, and re-run a login script again (if there is one) as well as launching any other applications set to launch at login.

I use that advice to employees I support frequently to resolve issues. For example, sometimes people who have mapped network drives might not see all of their drives, and that’s due to a timeout issue during login (it is trying to map drives while the network connection is still being established). If they reboot their entire computer, it will start the roulette wheel spinning again to see if their drives map. If they simply sign out, though, and sign back in, they should be able to start a new Windows session while their network connection is still established and this time their drives should all map correctly. (And as a bonus it’s a lot faster than a full reboot.)

Nope, other sites were fine. I have Comcast broadband, it’s pretty reliable.

ETA: and the connection was not over wifi. I like wires. Wires work.

If you have a slightly slow connection for whatever reason, lots of sites will appear to load normally, but a Discourse board will lag noticeably.

I like wires, too.

I just got a This site is in read-only mode notice on the main forums page. So now I’m leaning toward any slowdowns being caused by a site update.