This Ain't Mundane......

… but I just have to share it with you anyway. The link comes from my good friend Luke from “Down Under” and I think y’all will enjoy it.

PS: Happy Holidays for all our “Down Under” Dopers from me, who is “Up Over”!:slight_smile:



Hmph! I could have learned to do that, except my mama always told me I wasn’t allowed to ride double on a bicycle! :frowning: :smiley:

Quasi, that is pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Guess I shouldn’t have yelled at my kids for horsing around on their bikes…I had no idea there were bicycle competitions.

Glad y’all enjoyed it.

I know and acknowledge that there are very talented “young-uns” here in America, but Germany is my home, and always will be, so I tend to focus on that from time to time. :slight_smile: