This animation blows my mind completely.

OK Everyone, go to this site and watch all the way through. Sound is a must for full appreciation, and this may very well launch a new religion, or at least a conspiracy theory.

Here it is:

Shockwave required, let me know what you think and tell your friends. If you know who the author is let me know so I can shake his/her hand.

Peace Out


I don’t know why… but that kinda kicks ass!!

…maybe all my base belongs to them…

For goodness sake. Another one? Use the search function next time, MarxBoy. We’ve had about 27 “ALL YOUR BASES ARE BELONG TO US!!!” threads the past few weeks, and I for one am growing a little tired of them.

Surrender your soul, Coldfire, to THE MEME THAT WOULD NOT DIE!!!

Coldies not only a moderator he’s a thread critic too!
FTR… its the first one I’VE seen… and I peruse daily.

Well, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who’s been slammed for posting this.


ROFLMAO, Coldfire!


The author of the majority of the pictures goes by the handle ‘Bad_CRC’. I’ll have to talk to my boss to see where he posts.

Who say mods are have no sense of humor?

Wow, 10 responses, I started a moderately successful thread! Yippee and such.

Coldfire, I apologize for posting a thread on such an overused topic, but I apparently reached at least one or two who had not seen it before, and isn’t that what SDMB are all about? Almost definitely not, but still it’s a damn cool animation.

Well in any case, here is a less cool, but still definitely interesting animation. Hatt-baby! Yeah. I suggest watching all the way through to the part with the raw meat and what appears to be a tube of superglue.

Sound is absolutely necessary to get anywhere near the full enjoyment out of this one.

Peace Out


For a change of pace, try this movie short. The old woman is hilarious.

Hmm… for some reason when everyone heard me laugh out loud and I explained “ALL YOUR LINKS ARE BELONG TO STRAIGHT DOPE” they didn’t think it was funny. Ignorant jerks. :slight_smile:

By the way, the HATT-BABY has been done 2 times before as well.

I’m wondering where the popular page is that links to these things. I refuse to believe that 3 dopers just randomly came across the hatt-baby thing, all around the same two week period. Sounds like a site I might want to check out regularly.

Well Jesus, where have I been?? Late to the party as usual.

As someone who uses Photoshop in my newspaper job daily I have some idea of the talent required to match typeface, angle, lighting, etc. to do the job these folks did. My virtual had is tipped delightedly to them.

Well fuck that, all my base are belong to me baby!

**Optimus Set Us Up The Bomb.** | Autobots Are Belong To Us.

This is not relic, this is a concerned friend. I walked into her room to find her curled in a fetal pisition under her desk muttering “All…base…belong…us…” I saw that this thread was open and put two and two together.

Really, people, it took me forever to coax her out of there and into bed. Who knows if she’ll ever be the same. Hopefuly she’ll forget all of this and be able to get on with her life.