This BC comic is pretty racist, right?

I recently found an old umbrella that was given as a gift for a newspaper subscription in the early 1990s. It is covered with Sunday strips from various comics (Dennis the Menace, Garfield, Cathy, Peanuts, etc.) This is one of the BC ones–from 1993, further back than the archives at go. Is it just me, but isn’t that pretty darn racist even for 1993? And the person who designed the umbrella thought it was a good choice?

What race has green skin, yellow hair, a curly moustache, and buck teeth?

That rock does look quite a bit like the super racist (and super weird) silver age Wonder Woman villain, Egg Fu.

It’s just you. I suppose you are seeing that as Chinese caricature because of the slanted eyes and buck teeth, but nothing else indicates that. Why isn’t it a German caricature because of the blond mop of hair and the handlebar moustache? It’s just a silly face. (And is that a rock, or the turtle that’s often in the strip?)

And I was sure the cartoon was going to be the I SLAM one.

I don’t know if Hart indented the Japanese stereotype in the cartoon, but it sure has it.

Given that Dookie Bird is nowhere in sight, it’s likely a rock with a colorist’s error.