This birthday better not suck.

The boy and I were planning to go out for a nice romantic dinner at an Indian restaurant tonight (today’s my 20th birthday). Last night I got a call from him - he’d gotten food poisoning again. He had a bad case in February where he had to go to the ER and even had trouble breathing and things like that, but this time he wised up and drove an hour home to his parents’ house and saw a doctor there. He was feeling better when he called me, but didn’t know if he could make it back in time to take me out tonight.

I made plans with another friend to go to a Thai restaurant instead, so I hope everything turns out for the better; either way, I’ll try my damnedest to have a good time today. I was hoping for a nice sunny day, but it’s cloudy and rainy without fail every April 9th, including, apparently, this one.

  • tsarina, who was tol dby a co-worker a few weels agom “20 is the most uneventful birthday of your life… until you realize you’re halfway to 40!”


Bon anniversaire tsarina. :slight_smile:

And you’re cow-orker is wrong. 19 is the most uneventful b-day. I have a 2 page essay on why.

Hope you have a good one. I’m gonna be 23 on friday. Never fails to rain on my b-day either. :wink:

Rains on my birthday, too, tsarina. June is one of the rainy months in Florida.

I hope your birthday doesn’t suck–and in fact, is a good one!

Happy birthday, Kendra! Please, enjoy this bevy of Indian dancing boys!

(Jeez, I come in to start your birthday thread and find that you went and did it for yourself!)


Happy Birthday to you,
You’re now ten times two;
I’d buy you a beer now…
But I’ve no desire to go to jail and become best friends with a large man named Sue.


Hope you have a great day!

Come up here and I’ll buy you a beer! (or would that be somehow contributing to the delinquency of a minor? I mean, you’re legal here, but not there… :confused: )

Seriously though, if I could remember the words to “Happy Birthday” in Chinese, I’d get my friends to sing it for you… they do it every time one of our friends has a birthday! Quite funny, in fact. and by now, expected! We all clap along to it… definitely much fun to be had!

Have an awesome birthday no matter what happens…


Thai food, eh? I should really go for some soon, expecially since one of my Australian friends keeps on telling me about the “Thai Green Chicken Curry… especially if takeaway from the Thai Orchid restaurant at Henley Square… woooyeaaaaaaah!” (it’s either that, or the “Thai Tom Yum soup with prawns… soooooooo very spicy!!!”)

There’s a restaurant not very far from this apartment… maybe when it stops raining around here.


Turning 20 is like turning 17: it’s just past important stuff and just before other important stuff, but in and of itself it’s largely worthless.

Not that I’m pissed or anything about my age … or laws related to it, or anything… Er, this should be a happier post. And I see Juniper is here, which can only mean…

::twirls naked through thread::

Another happy birthday from me!

And I’m nearing the end of my 20th year, and I have to say, its been a good one (of course, I’m legal in this country…:slight_smile: ). I am looking forward to 21, though, mainly because all around the same time I hopefully start a new job (interview on Thursday) and move into my new apartment, which I already love, and its our 2 year anniversary, AND a week after my b-day is his b-day…its gonna be fun :slight_smile:

Heck, I can help out.

zhu ni sheng ri kuai le
zhu ni sheng ri kuai le
zhu ni sheng ri kuai le
zhu ni sheng ri kuai le
(use the birthday song tune)

And might I add Happy Birthday. 20 is an awesome age!