This bullshit with the post office has got to go

Especially since that seems to be false. The USPS owns more than 8,500 facilities according to their website.

Nonetheless, 25,000 USPS facilities are leased, so while what I heard is not quite correct, it is not entirely wrong. It is not clear to me how or why this leasing program got started.

Article from 1981 from the NYTimes indicating there were postal leases dating back to at least the Great Depression. And it explains the leases were often disadvantageous for the owners, rather than the USPS.

Maybe drop this one? You were wrong about it, but it’s not a particularly important point about operating costs. Downtown Manhattan? Maybe better to own. Downtown East Bumfuck? Leasing is probably a better option.

The proposals to be disclosed Tuesday are part of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s strategy to improve reliability, modernize operations and financially overhaul the cash-strapped agency.

THAT is some industrial grade bullshit there. I want…I NEED Biden to open a can of whoop-ass on this guy.

Me, too.

Changing just one thing—letting Postal Service employees and retirees use Medicare instead of the separately-funded private providers they’ve been required by Congress to use—would likely put the service in the black.

Not to mention that it’s a service. It’s not supposed to be operating at a profit.

Please, please, please, Mr. Biden, let’s expel DeJoy, with extreme prejudice, as soon as possible.

Isn’t the USPS’s Board of Govenors now a majority of Democrats? Shouldn’t they be scuttling LD’s rump outta there?

A January letter from U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) calling for Biden to fire entire USPS Board of Governors.

They are but two of them are Trump appointees and voted to approve DeJoy’s hiring.

This has been a known issue (actually, looking back, I made this point over a month ago in this very thread). But one step at a time for now. Unfortunately, building things back up usually takes longer than tearing them down.

How true it is.

Friends of ours in Ohio just got, a few days ago, a Christmas card mailed to them from California on Dec. 9.

Ah, the usual Republican approach in the Texas Legislature. Starve some state agency of funding, then point out how ineffective it is and claim it needs to be defunded/abolished because of its incompetence. It’s how they continually cut funding to agencies like Child Protective Services and special education in schools, believe it or not. Because we can’t be spending tax money on stuff like abused and disabled children, can we?

For conservatives, “How much is this going to cost?” applies only to poor folk.

Here is the full USPS 10 year plan:

Industrial grade bullshit

Our plan preserves our ability to fulfill our universal service mission.

It’s the same bullshit conservatives peddle about Social Security or Medicare - reduce service now so that we don’t reduce service later.

And then reduce service later anyway for the same reason.

Well really, what’s the Return on Investment for abused kids? I guess maybe if Republican owned businesses were allowed to purchase them as workers or something…

Or veterans.

Like these guys?

Feds sue Atalissa bunkhouse owner for exploiting disabled workers (

Later later is now.

Of course Scumbag Louie will shit on everything at every turn - this time, with the fossil fuel lobby, making sure none of that tree-hugger EV shit gets any, heh, traction.

Can’t remember if it was pointed out anywhere else on these boards, but, there’s apparently a snag in going after Scumbag Louis:

(heh - odd that the article has yet to auto-fill. Mais, pourquoi?)

I would be unbelievebly gobsmacked surprised - no fucking way would I believe that MD just suddenly stopped being involved in any Trump-related straw donor scheme from 2016 onwards, which the Statute of Limitations’d no longer apply to.