This bullshit with the post office has got to go

He denied before congress that he reimbursed employees for their “contributions”. So he, allegedly, will always have lying to congress going for him.

…have you still not figured out a way to fire this man yet?

Here is a list of all the current country suspensions:
International Service Alerts - Newsroom -

TL : DR - it’s mainly due to New Zealand’s quarantine.

…you think that postal services have been suspended to Samoa and Mongolia and Australia and Cuba mainly because of the New Zealand quarantine?

No, we haven’t figured out a way to fire this man. We should just fire him and force him to fight for his job – that’s what the GOP would do to Democrats. But we don’t have the testosterone or heart for it. We’re not in the fight. We’ve given up, BB.

As a postal worker, I felt compelled to look into these suspensions and see what I can find out (not as a spokesperson; merely to stand up for my place of employment). This link contains a listing of International service suspensions as of October 8. The site appears to imply that the service disruptions are being caused by conditions at the receiving end.

It’s not my fault, I swear!

That’s what I was implying myself, in the earlier post.

Robert Reich has some thoughts on Mr. DeJoy (2 minute video):

I voted for Biden to fix Trump’s fuck-ups. I hope he gets on this ASAP.

Especially before Nov '22 would be nice.

Biden inherited a house his predecessor started burning to the ground. And almost half of the neighbors want to see it burn and get in the way when Biden tries to put out the fire… All while Russia just laughs and laughs.

Fixing the post office is gonna be rough. You can’t just fire DeJoy.

Hey hey…,
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This bullshit with the post office has got to go…

Sure but if Reich is correct then Biden has a path to do it. I hope he does.

It sickens me that the situation is so transparently corrupt and we can’t do anything about it yet.

He needs to be fired, and I don’t care if he sues to get his job back – fire him again. Biden should selectively ignore the courts, especially considering how rigged the judiciary is now.

We can – you just keep firing his corrupt ass and bring the next man up until he goes away. FDR’s attitude was (selectively) ‘fuck the courts’ – we need Biden to be that president.

This is some really shitty advise, you know. Who do you think Biden is? He ain’t Trump, and Trumplike criminal defiance is not to be encouraged.

We live in a different world. Not being Trump isn’t going to get him reelected.

Neither is ignoring the courts. The only thing it would do is bring about your dream of a liberal dictatorship.

Do you think that being Trump is what it’s going to take to get him reelected? That’s ridiculous.