This can't be true: attaching a twin's arm to the other's body...

Maybe this is way old, but I just had it sent to me. The photo says it was taken in 1999.

Twins who surgically removed one arm and re-attached it to the other’s pectoral muscle? WTF? I googled a bit, but found nothing. I just don’t believe it. That is too nuts to think about. Plus the finger is pretty freaky.


Scroll to the bottom and look at the date of the article fercryinoutloud!

Yes, I did say it was way old, but…

Anyone ever hear of this? It is a bit outrageous…


the whole date, Tomcat.

:smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack:

And another :smack: just because I do deserve it.

Man, I swear I had my coffee this morning. Really, I did. I just kept reading ‘1999’ not the whole date.

OK, I’m going to go sit in the corner for awhile.


Bwahahaha :slight_smile:

Sorry, Tom, but that’s priceless. And that’s also one powerful April Fool’s joke, if it still works 5 years down the line. You’ve just earned a beer of your choosing, in Prague, in October. :smiley:

Did anyone else look at the rest of that site? Are any of those body modifications actually done? Yikes!

As for the rest of it, that site is apparently the largest site devoted to body modification that there is, so I would wager anything not also posted on 1 April is probably real.

As you probably noticed from the date, that page is pretty old. Anyway, if you check the source code for the page, you can see this section, which is commented out at the end of the page:

<b>Yes, this was an April Fools prank!<br>
You're not the only person that didn't get it.<br>
<a href="fools.html">Check out some of the messages I got!</a>

So, go to if you want to read some of the emails they got.