This Christmas movie never gets old

We just watched A Midnight Clear for probably the 15th year in a row. This has to be one of the absolute best films about humanity, and the cast is brilliant. I highly recommend it.

“The Ref” for me and my tribe.

Christmas Vacation

Die Hard

A Christmas Story.

santa claus conquers the martians. the unmolested version, not the mst3k one

So **YOU’RE **the other person who has seen A Midnight Clear. Wow!
Have you’ve see Bridy?
For me it is listening to A Christmas Carol read by Patrick Stewart.

For us it’s White Christmas and Die Hard.

We watch a lot of the movies listed, but if you haven’t seen Midnight Clear, try to rent it. It’s not just a Christmas film.

Midnight Clear was excellent, but our go-to Christmas movie (actually, it’s my husband’s because I’m not all that fond of it – I’m more a Rankin / Bass special kinda gal) is It’s a Wonderful Life. Toys (for me), would be a close second.

“I swear to God, if you hit that kid one more time, I’m gonna shove that pig’s head right up your ass!” :smiley:

We watch *The Ref *by ourselves and *A Christmas Story * and The Grinch with the kid.

KISS Saves Santa :slight_smile:

Just so we know what we’re talking about (and if you go to rent it) - there’s a movie with the title A Midnight Clear, and one titled Midnight Clear. The first is mainly a “war movie” but takes place during Christmas. It features Gary Sinise, Ethan Hawke, and a Dillon brother (among others). I’d call it one of the best movies about war ever made.
The second, made just a few years ago, is about depression and suicide during the holidays (though apparently it’s uplifting). I haven’t seen it, but it stars a Baldwin brother.

I enjoyed A Midnight Clear quite a bit.
Was unaware that it was sort of lesser known.

Another similar Christmas war movie, based on true stories of WWI Christmas ceasefires, is Joyeux Noël.

Christmas truces

Another excellent film.

What is “Bridy”? I could not find any movie by this title.

I’m a total Christmas Carol geek. I watch every version that I can catch. Except for the Kelsey Grammer one. Didn’t like that one.

Ernest Saves Christmas. Knowhutimean?

Meet Me in St. Louis

Damn. I knew I was forgetting something this year.

Christmas Vacation. My family and I could probably quote the entire movie, word-for-word. This year, we were trying to figure out what the pattern was on Clark’s pajamas. (Dogs? Dinosaurs? Jungle animals?)

My Uncle Craig even has a pair of reindeer eggnog glasses just like the ones in the movie.