This confirms it. I am a loser.

Thoughout my life, I have always had this nagging feeling that I was not “up to par” with most of my comrades. My suspicions were confirmed just a few minutes ago.

Of course, everyone on this board has seen those annoying banner ads that say

Today, I came across one of those links, and lo and behold!

It was not flashing. I was under the impression that they were always flashing, and were a cheap marketing ploy to sell you stuff you don’t need. Alas. I was mistaken.

Apparently, I am not a winner, as it was confirmed by a non-flashing banner ad that I am not.

I need a hug. :dubious:


Maybe they just think that you are of such intellectual superiority that it’s no use trying to get you with this, because you would never fall for such a cheap marketing ploy!

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Why thank you, norinew for your compliment and good spirits.

samarm, on the other hand…

I too have received those ads. And like you just figured they were always flashing and attached no importance to them. BUT NOW, NOW that I know this isn’t true, that there is some sort active choosing as to who is a winner and who isn’t I feel so…so special.

Thank you Soup_du_jour.

A little like the episode of “Seinfeld” in which the Sunshine Carpet Cleaners, really a religious cult, don’t bother trying to recruit George.