This could be the plot of a really bad movie...

In the news today - I guess the honeymoon’s ended.

FCM, dear, I certainly hope these people are not your neighbors. :eek: Current husband, two former husbands, all living together…hmmmmm…I wonder if they’re all first cousins too. Ok…so here’s a likely scenario. Husband forged ex-husband’s check. To get even, wife and ex plot to have husband killed and split the insurance money. The other ex was, unbeknown to wife and ex, plotting to kill them after they killed husband so he could get the money. (Hey, I had to get him in somewhere.) So now what’s gonna happen is, wife and ex are in jail, husband is also in jail so other ex is gonna hitch up the trailer (oh come on you just know they live in one), and move to Fort Lauderdale where his ex-wife, current wife, three of her exes and seven of ex-wife’s exes are all living in a one bedroom singlewide. Then they’re all going on Springer where they’ll get into a big fight, throw chairs and try to toss each other into a pit of hungry gators.

Gawd…I wish I’d read that at home instead of work. I need a beer after reading that.

Quoting from the article linked to in the OP:

“Investigators said Sikes has been married at least nine times, and that she and current husband Ferguson and former husband Alvin Lee Howard were all living in the same house, along with another former husband.”

What is it about this woman that makes her so desirable? She’s not only married nine men, she’s living with three of them. Her photo does not show whatever her great qualities are. On the other hand, looking at the photo of one of her ex-husbands, maybe she picks men who don’t get a lot of other offers.

I think it would be hard to make that really bad movie. Where are you going to find actors willing to look that bad on film? And where will you find audiences that will find the story believeable?

Wait - I’ll bet the Coen brothers (Fargo, Blood Simple) could pull it off.

What scares me is the realization that people like them are allowed to vote… :eek:

Next on Fox: When wives and alligators and exes and …

Doubting Robert I looked at that pic, and I agree, must be something, can’t imagine what, but something.

Truth is stranger than fiction after all.
Doubting Robert That is exactly what popped into my head. What’s this woman got that she’s got 3 men living with her and 9 men willing to marry her? Boggles the mind.

She doesn’t have any cats.
Sometimes I miss Florida. All we’ve got for entertainment out here is Tonya Harding.

swampbear, no, I’m safely ensconsed in the county to the south of Jax. I must say, I love your scenario with all its permutations!! Cracked me up!!!

As for Mrs. Irresistable, I had to wonder also what was it about her that attracted so many men. She looks so dour and unapproachable in the picture, tho I don’t suppose a mug shot shows anyone to best advantage… I’ll be so glad to see Florida in my rear view mirror… 2 more years, 2 more years.

When I was about eight years old, I realized that I was a Yankee.

It’s not like I made any sort of decision, nor did I blindly follow in the footsteps of my father (or grandfather).

Nope. I just woke up one day and realized that I was a wood-chopping-deer-stalking-fishnet-hauling-potato-digging-bear-chasing-rock-ribbed YANKEE.

And I’m proud to be one.

We get some weird stuff up here, and what you call “rednecks” we call “woodchucks.”

I gotta tell ya’:

I ain’t NEVER seen nothin’ like that.

Can you believe that I’m actually going to Jacksonville tomorrow. Why, oh why, don’t they put the addresses in the article? At least then visitors would know how to avoid the rest of her husbands. Oh come on! You know they probably live next door.

Well, nothing like that could ever happen where I live.

They’d have to feed him to the coyotes, instead.