This doesn't exactly light up anybody's life, does it?

Ever have a conversation with someone who feels down or depressed, and everything you say, they bring up some horribly depressing fact to feel bad about? Today’s CNN headlines contain a perfect example:

‘You Light Up My Life’ composer kills self

It gets worse (of course).

Geez, that’s nasty. It gets worse, of course.

AND it’s Monday!

Holy chiz! How long until Law & Order rips this from the headlines?

I have fought long and hard to have the composer of that song brought up on charges of crimes against humanity in the world court.

Again he escapes justice.

Now that’s what I call a sticky situation.

Ya know… not that suicide is at all funny for the people who are actually affected by it, but from the right angle and distance… that’s absolutely hilarious.

OMFG. That song is forever burned into my brain from all of the Junior High dances I ever attended. I think I’ll have them play it at my funeral.