This election is not about the economy, it's about religion

This election is not about the economy, nor is about jobs or about the deficit or about anything other than who will nominate the next Supreme Court Justices. The Republican righties want a few more ultra-right wing Justices to give the an overturn of Roe V Wade, and strengthen their single-minded resolve to control the bodies and actions of women and minorities.

There is an ultra Right wing religious group in America searching for ways to dominate this country and force their religious views on all.

But what will Romneycare do for all them unwanted babies when they need to see a doctor? :rolleyes:

So to do this they run a cult member and a Papist?

Doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

That’s the Republican Party in a nutshell.

Point to Der Trihs.

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Of course it is. Politics have hierarchy, so does religion. The loudest politicians (used to) always win, the loudest preacher has the bigger congregation. Same with snake oil salesmen.

I remember the crazy lady at the McCain who was convinced Obama was a Muslim and here to destroy us. I remember the cockamamie Fundies on sites like answersingenesis who were absolutely sure that Obama was Satan and here to bring the rapture.

We get goofball religious candidates like Santorum and Bachmann who actually have a following of fans! BBC stories on them always had comments from people wondering why they put religion at the forefront of their campaign, but are unclear about plans for budget, defense, etc. I always figured Ricky-poo and Batshit Lady would just pray for answers to those big issues.

Personally, I don’t think people like Bachman, Santorum, O’Donnell, Christy, etc. should not be allowed to run for office at all. If you’re running for office and you pray, fine. But DO NOT mention it to me. I want to hear about what a candidate’s plan is politically, that’s it.

The more devout, the bigger the liar all around. But that’s politics anyway. Religious or not, politicians will always boast and exaggerate their entire career. How is that different from a Billy Graham speech?

Moving from IMHO to the elections forum.

I think the subject line is about half right. It is partly about religion.

Persons will either vote ***against ***the Mormon or vote against the person of color. Sure, many will vote for their party as they have always done. But those making a decision will decide to vote ***against ***one or the other.

I don’t think that voters will vote against the Mormon so much as some Christians will not be able to vote for a Mormon, so they just won’t vote at all. Add to Romney’s Mormonism the fact that the Catholic Church has called Ryan’s budget un-Christian. I think there might be a couple of percentage points that just won’t vote in the Presidential election.

I’m a minority. I happen to disagree with the assertion of the OP. Now what?

I think the election is about…llamas. 100 Mexican dancing llamas.

Cuidado con las llamas!! :slight_smile:

I disagree with the OP. The Republican party has been paying lip service to the religious right for over thirty years but what have they actually done for them? They throw them a few bones but the religious right is not in the driver’s seat of the GOP.

It’s the business wing that runs the Republican party. They don’t just want promises for things like deregulation and tax cuts and llamas - they expect delivery and in a timely fashion.

Okay, perhaps I was overgeneralizing a bit. I’m damn sure things like abortion and SSM are entirely religious problems in this election. But things like defense, immigration and economy are not.

Yes, all they pay is lip service to the trailer parks when it comes to a religious comment. Still, for some people, if the llamas that are promised aren’t blessed, then they might not even vote.

Stockholm syndrome?

Um, we ask you what the hell that has to with the OP? Unless you’re secretly one of the leaders of the Republican party, your reasons for voting for that party are immaterial.

I don’t think that’s true. The set of folks that will vote for Obama probably has a pretty high overlap with the set of folks who don’t care what religion a candidate is. Some of those folks may be voting against the plutocrat or voting against the elitist or voting against the just plain boring guy, but they won’t be voting against the Mormon per se. If Romney’s religion has any significant effect on the election (and I honestly don’t claim to know whether it will), it will be in the form of lower turnout among his base, not in folks actively voting against him for it.

Podrias quemarte!

If Romney is elected, the President, Vice President, all members of the Supreme Court, Speaker of the House, House Majority Leader, and Senate Majority leader will all be non-Protestants (Mormons, Catholics, or Jewish). Kind of amazing to think about.