This girl does not look 15

She really does not

MEET Bianca Black - the 15-year-old who will represent Aussie teens at the international Miss Teenager Pageant.

Yeah, tell it to the judge . . .

It’s probably just the excessive makeup.

She is pretty. I’m glad that she is not elitist, though. “I’m just going to be nice to everyone and talk to everyone . . . I don’t know the language so I’ll just smile and say hello to everyone, even the cleaners.”

I agree with the OP. If I were a judge I’d insist on seeing her ID - but I’d do it because I’d think she was past her teenage years.

And this girl does not look 12.

I think that girl (the 15 year old) would probably look better with her natural hair color. Why do so many good looking females bleach their hair?


She doesn’t look very good as models go. That jaw will only get larger, her other features are already too narrow for it, and her eyebrows are unevenly plucked. Let her have her fun and feel sorry for her that she peaked at twelve. :frowning:

Oh, she’s Australian? Nah, I’ve already insulted a child I hadn’t heard of until five minutes ago. No point in taking on an entire continent. :wink:

Jesus. If I were her dad, I’d be at like DEFCON 1 for unctuous 30 year old suitors…

To me she does look twelve. With age inappropriate makeup. I agree with dropzone that her features are out of whack in proportion to one another, but not that they might not grow and settle into something pleasant.

The fifteen year old in the OP however, if asked to guess her age just from the photo I’d start with 22 bit then assume the only reason to ask is if she’s startlingly older or younger than that. Looking again I vote younger, but I’d never guess younger than seventeen.

That one does look around 12 to me. “Looks mature for her age,” sure, but they’re not makin’ 'em with pigtails and skinned knees anymore. Girls have access and are encouraged to use far more makeup and adult beauty styles and body language these days. (Or one could say that 12 year olds in the '70s and '80s were encouraged to look young for their age; it’s all a matter of perspective, really.) All four of my goddaughters were thought to look older than their age…nah, that’s just what 12 looks like, to steal a phrase from Gloria!
But yeah, I would NOT have guessed 15 for the girl in the OP. She has those perfectly normal but odd for her age fat pads on the top of her hips that girls don’t usually get until their early 20’s when they’ve stopped gaining height.

She has a body that isn’t anorexic-looking. Wonderful.

I think she does.

Times they are a changin’.

My niece’s daughter is 15 - she is a head taller than my niece, drop dead gorgeous and when the two of them go out to lunch or wherever, people always think they are co-workers or friends. Not one person has ever guessed mother and daughter.

It is a combination of body type, make-up, clothing, hair style and confidence that can make a 15 year old look like she is easily 21 or so.

Gah. Parent fail.

My daughter is twelve. This girl easily falls inside the appearance spectrum for 12-year-olds. I see a generally plus-or-minus 4 years (i.e. 8 to 16 y/o) appearance range among my daughter’s friends.

That’s hilarious!

Good nutrition and good healthcare from pre-natal days on, makes a big difference. Good genes and some nice makeup helps too.

The only problem with all this is that maturity seldom keeps pace with outward appearances and that such young women are magnets for entirely the wrong kind of attention from men who should know better, but either don’t care or for psychiatric reasons, can’t stop themselves.

She looks 15 to me. Of course I taught junior high, and half the 12 year olds looked 17 or 18. They just dress and act older now.