This got to me, Or Why I Won't Do Class As

I saw this on Friday and it’s been haunting me all weekend. It really hit home just how messed up drugs can make you. Well, i’m assuming it’s drugs - it doesn’t say that anywhere.

Anyway, it’s just about one of the most harrowing things i’ve seen.


There’s a lot of… um, interesting things at that website. The woman you linked to is a pretty dramatic example of how a big city like NY can grind a person up. I’ve got pretty strong feelings about people like this, which I won’t get into here, 'cept to say that the only pity I feel is for those who knew her and cared for her and had to watch it happen. I don’t do drugs of any type (well, caffeine, I guess) and this is one of the reasons. If you’re easily haunted, Francesca, (I love that name, btw), may I suggest you stay away from :slight_smile:

Thanks for the concern, but i’m a regular visitor :wink: I’m usually very hard to disturb or shock, but this really knocked me for six because it’s not just blood and guts, it’s a real-life human being, as it were… You put it just right:

Those are the words i was looking for.

Oh, and thank you for saying you like my name - i quite like it too :slight_smile: