This hasn't been the worst year of my life

But its definately inching its way up there. January found me stuck in a dead-end job in a company that was spiralling downwards. They kept cutting back our hours and it took me three months of searching before I could find a job that paid what I was currently making.

That’s when I met the first chick I’d been attracted to in about a year. I bust my ass trying to woo her, only to have her ditch my ass immediately after telling me that she felt the same way I did, yadda, yadda. My new job turns to shit (but, hey, at least its forty hours of sheer hell).

My only friends consist of a clueless idiot whose best behavior is worthy of a Ralph Steadman illustration, and a guy who would be better off gay, but he doesn’t realize it, so instead I have to listen to him whine about how he can’t get a date (when he has more opportunities to get one than I do!).

In June, I meet a chick whose definately interested in me, but I’m so shorted out after the last one that I can’t seize the opportunity handed to me and she decides that she doesn’t want anything to do with me.

Come September, my water heater decides to go out at four o’clock in the fucking morning. The guys hired to do the repairs take the entire month, almost, to do them, and then do such a piss-poor job, that I have to go back and redo some of it. Then, around the end of the month, my brakes go out and I have to blow what little savings I have on repairing them so that I have a car to drive. Not to mention that I find out that the house I grew up in has been destroyed to make way for a housing development.

Last Thursday rolls around, and the boss tells me we’ve got this important deal he needs me to work on and that if I can pull it off, he’ll pay me a bonus of ludicrous amounts. No problem says I, since I know that I can do it in the time allowed. I really need the money, too, since my car’s about to die and I don’t have the dough to get it fixed or buy another one. Naturally, on Saturday, the transmission decides to go out on my car. Thank God, I say, that the boss has promised me the bonus for whipping a rabbit out of my ass to clinch this deal! Obviously, something has to go wrong, and it does. I get to work on Monday and the boss has managed to blow the deal, so no bonus for me. Not to mention, that while today would normally be payday, the boss is too busy to sign the checks, so it looks like I won’t get paid until tomorrow. Which means that I’m going to be late on some bills and that I can’t take tomorrow off to go look for a car (not that I’m going to have much luck finding one that I can afford) as I can’t pay for the car since I’ve got no money in my bank account. I have to miss school since I can’t find a ride and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find a ride to and from work everyday. In a word, I’m fucked.

I’ll admit that I’ve done some fucked up things in this life, but any karmic debt I might have acquired should have been paid off long ago. Really, it should have. So, I guess that I must have been a real shithead in some previous life. I can’t even hit up a family member for a loan as my dad wouldn’t loan me money if my life depended upon it, and my mom’s moved and I can’t find her.

I’m not even going to ask what could go wrong next, because I really don’t want to know. After all, I know that whatever I might imagine to go wrong, will turn out to be far less shitty than what actually does go wrong. Shit, I’m so bummed out at this point that I can’t even write a decent rant about the whole thing, and I’ve got to go to bed as I have to get up in the morning and hope that my dad’s willing to take me to work!


Aha! So you’re to blame! Ya better come up with something make up for all this shit, or you’re gonna pay mister (ms?)! :wink:

At least you’ve got your health.
::trying to sound supportive and optimistic::

Ow! Stop hitting me!

You know, I started feeling a little under the weather this morning and I wondered what might be wrong with me. Now, I know! drillrod cursed me by bringing up my health! Damn you! :wink:

I guess I’m not good with this sarcasm thing. Was there sarcasm in that OP?

Eternal, there’s some sarcasm in the OP, but I’ve been in a better mood since I posted it, hence the humorous replies on my part.