This Humidity Sucks Like A Hairy Goat

10 pm at night, and about 85 degrees. The humidity is 80 %. How do (how did I) people live without air conditioning?

I took freezing cold showers to get my core temp down. I also froze wet facecloths: one for my feet, one for my neck over the carotid, and two under the pits. Rinse and repeat.

Humidity sucks the life right of you.

Hairy Goat?? Like this??

Ummm- not quite…

They all taste the same on the inside.

Send some of that humidity to Chicago. Every time I pet one of the cats I feel like I’ve been tasered.

There is nothing like getting an angry glare and a swipe of the claws for petting the cat because he thinks you are trying to electrocute him. It is a daily tradition at my place in the winter.

Holy crap. It’s 32 degrees here and I was just thinking how nice that was for a change; we’ve had twenties or lower for a while.

Send some here, too, the air is so dry here it’s killing me. All of my skin is drying up and I am reduced to applying baby oil daily. If we split it in half that would be great.

yeah - umm - tell me you are not TRYING to make us all want to come visit you right now . . .

Believe me, you wouldn’t want to visit. (I say that without having experienced really cold weather for an extensive period).

I’ve experienced both, I’ll trade this humid crap wet hot hot heat for a cold winter day RIGHT FREAKING NOW.

Cause I need to sleep, and I can’t sleep in a pool of sweat, and now here I am at work and no sleep and…sob

Depends what caused the pool of sweat I guess.

I live in that crap. I feel your damp pain.

I take hotter dry heat any day. Or colder than shit as well.

The only release is to actually be in water that isnt hot.

Why old people move this far south to retire is beyond me.

I walked out of the (bottle) shop this morning and my glasses fogged up. At least my slab is cold.
Hmmmmm- haven’t had a beer at lunchtime in years…

Just for a little perspective: Here in northeastern Colorado (all across the High Plains, for that matter) we haven’t seen moisture since before Christmas. It’s dry as a bone out here. I’ve had to water my baby trees twice since New Year’s Day. We’ve had two dust storms that had old-timers commenting again on the 1930s (OK, it doesn’t take much to make old-timers comment on the 1930s, but they seemed serious this time.)

One of the nation’s largest “wind farms” is being built just north of here. My father has joked that the turbines should be run backward to suck some moisture into the area. Any way you guys could blow some of that humidity our way>

Sydney heat…too hot for anything fun!!