This ia a test...this is only a test

Meh ;j

OK, so…

Pratice post for me!

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Yeesh. Noodles had some fermented Emmenthaler again, from the looks of it.

No, it was the pear liqueur.

Noodles, I’m ashamed of you! Twenty-seven characters in a row, all the same color? You do realize that there are sixteen million, seven hundred seventy-seven thousand, two hundred sixteen colors available, don’t you? Now, go to your room, and don’t come out until you’ve used all of them!

Chronos, the twenty-seven characters only look the same to you because of your reliance on your physical senses. Look beyond the electrons to the inner colour.

Good stuff, that. Nex time, I’ll bring some Dutch booze, and we’ll have a sip of that. :wink:

May I use this opportunity to test something as well? Here goes. click here

Yes you may.

…and then you may take THREE GIANT STEPS.

That doesn’t help. The only colors available down in the nucleus are red, green, and blue (and antired, antigreen, and antiblue, if you want to get fancy), and you can never get just one of those at a time, anyway.