This is a joke, right? This CAN'T be, right?

Adding and Subtracting.

Although this links to bme, there’s nothing too bad on this page, although it is disturbing.

Wasn’t sure if I should post this here or in GQ, so I’m sorry if I screwed up.

But is this real? :eek:



This was Shannon (Larratt, the guy who runs BME)'s April Fool’s Day joke a few years back (check the date posted at the bottom of the story). I’ll see if I can hunt down the diary entry where he 'fessed up for you.

Well, don’t I feel like a complete ass. :o

I knew that would probably happen. Thanks for being kind. The link was posted in a LiveJournal for tattoo enthusiasts tonight, so I didn’t even bother checking the date.

Yup, just call me Ms. Gullible. :rolleyes:


Sorry to ROFLMFAO at you, I had just TOTALLY forgotten about this until I saw it. I was ROFLing in general, not at your gullibility. Sorry. :o

Okay, Shannon’s diary is on the IAM section of the site, which means it’s not open to the public (only to people who have an IAM account), but he posted on April 3rd 2001:

Incidentally, how did you stumble upon this? I only knew about it from rabidly reading Shannon’s diary entries and saw him post about it for April Fool’s last year.

Oop, never mind the question. Sorry, slow board and I didn’t preview first. ::Sheepish::

No, no - I wasn’t being sarcastic or anything when I said “thanks for being kind.” You only laughed (something I would’ve done), not called me a dumbass. :smiley:

I can be somewhat gullible; my friends have teased me about my gullibility as far back as high school.


It was designed to fool the gullible. Judging by the other stuff they have on that page that’s legit I’m not at all surprised that people got fooled by this. I’d swear Shannon had a more elaborate confession about it somewhere, but now (alas) I can’t find it.

Oh well. Spread it around, see how many people you can fool. :smiley: I’m almost sorry I caught this so quickly – I would’ve loved to have seen what would’ve happened if it’d been up for 24 hours. Wild speculation and stuff. ::grin:: Maybe it ought to go to Snopes.