You actually believed me??

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever managed to convince someone was truth? I mean someone old enough to know better, not telling your 3 year old about the Tooth Fairy. My personal favorite:

After watching the Beastie Boys Sabotage video with “(Whoever) as Cocheese” on the screen, my friend said “Cocheese?”
“Sure,” I said. “He’s the second in command. The Chief is the big cheese and so since he’s second, that makes him the co-cheese. They use it all the time with police and stuff.”
“Ahh…” he said. “I think I knew that, actually.”

“I guess it is possible for one person to make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

Gullible is not in the dictionary. I get people to look it up about three times a year.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Deer crossing signs – my 20-something city-bred daughter believed her country-raised boyfriend when he told her these signs emit electronic beeps so the deer will know when it’s safe to cross.

Manny, you don’t know jack.

Gullible IS in the dictionary. I just looked it up.


Wally, you’ve been had - he didn’t say HOW he got them to look it up!

Worked for you, huh?

If there is room for doubt - doubt!

Um, I think you’re the one that’s been had, Ben.

Then again, maybe all three of you are kidding, and I’m the dupe. :slight_smile:

This ones kinda complicated, but some of you might want to try it out - it was loads of fun!

A few years ago we acquired a new employee (rather temporary, as it turns out) who was dumber than dead dog shit. A co-worker and I concocted an elaborate plan to prove just how dumb this guy was.

We took two eggs and punched tiny holes in the bottom and drained them. Covered the little holes with tiny bits of tape and Liquid Paper so you really couldn’t see any difference unless you picked the egg up.

Then my co-worker started a converstion with me (in the presence of the ignorant asshole) about this neat bar trick he had that always won him a lot of money. He claimed that if you shook an egg really hard and fast for several minutes, then smashed it against your forehead, there would be nothing left but shell pieces because the insides would turn to froth and vaporize. I, of course, told him he was full of shit, etc. whereupon he went to the refrigerator, removed an (empty) egg, and demonstrated (ignorant asshole watching closely).

I still carried on about it being impossible, it was some kind of trick, etc., while my co-worker insisted that it was simple and that I could do the same thing. I reluctantly let him convince me to try it, and to reassure me he brought the whole flat of eggs from the fridge so I could select my own egg (the second, carefully placed, empty egg). I followed his directions for shaking speed and intensity, length of time, etc., all the while threatening him with dire consequences if I ended up with egg on my face (literally). Sure enough, my egg crunched on my forehead leaving only shells, and I was properly amazed!

Of course, the ignorant one couldn’t wait to try it himself, and sure enough . . . egg splattered all over his face, dripping in the floor, etc.

Believe it or not, we kept a straight face thru the whole thing, even expressed sympathy for the trick ‘going wrong’ for him, so he never really caught on - I wonder how many eggs he smashed in his face at home trying to duplicate that trick?

Hey, we figured if he was stupid enough to believe it, he deserved the eggy face.

If there is room for doubt - doubt!

Several eons ago when I was being trained as a programmer at Control Data Institute, another gut and I completely buffaloed this other guy for several minutes.

When Mr. Dim Bulb asked why our companion was reading a “COBOL cookbook”, we kept him going for five minutes believing that the final course requirement was to bake and then thread a number of the ferro-magnetic “donuts” used in computers prior to their replacement by transistors and the rest of the solid state technology.


I convinced my entire family that Katie Holmes came to my school ‘just to hang out.’ This was, of course, total B.S. -but they all bought it hook, line and sinker. Although it is true she has been to my school (hell, she was in a couple plays at my HS) she was never there when I was.

Your somewhat-evil cow god.

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”-- Calvin and Hobbes
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Unfortunately, I’m terrible at fooling other people. I’m pretty good at being a fool though, so I’ll answer the opposite of this question.

Once, I was hanging out at a restaurant with my sister and a couple of her whacky friends. We were talking about foreign policy and I mentioned something about an ambassador. Suddenly, one whacky friend got up and left quite abruptly, without saying anything. I asked another friend why he had left all of a sudden.

Unfortunately, this other friend is an unreconstructed liar. She doesn’t tell big bad lies, or embezzle money or anything, she just likes to convince people of B.S. for amusement. I wasn’t fully aware of this at the time. “Oh my god you shouldn’t have said that. You see, he hates the word “ambassador”.”

I laughed. She started doing a good job feigning upsetness. "No I’m serious! He really can’t stand that word. It is linked to something horrible from his childhood that he won’t even tell me. You should really go apologize.

I stopped laughing, but I still didn’t believe her. “If he’s still in the restaurant, which he probably isn’t, you should go say you’re sorry or he’s going to leave. Hurry up and do it!” She was halfway to tears by now.

So I got up, feeling like an idiot for a couple of reasons, and found him outside having a smoke. I shook his hand and apologized sincerely for having used the word “ambassador” in his prescence. Fortunately, nobody (other than you good people) found out what a fool I was.

So I’m working at a Pizza Hut my senior year of High School. In the back, coffee mugs are being soaked in straight Ammonia - the whole area smells so strongly, it makes you think that you’re going to gag. It’s the ammonia that is a deep red in color.

Anyway, I go up front and tell a dumb worker - really not even thinking about it - that in the back was some Kool Aid that management had thoughtfully provided for us (I wonder if Jim Jones used this technique).

Next thing I know, he’s coming up to me, all frazzled, saying, “How could I do that? I could have died!”

Yes, the dude walked back there, right through a cloud of ammonia, and drank some. Jeez…

Yer pal,

Manny, Ben, Cristi, everytime I read that “gullible” exchange, I laugh my ass off.

Am I the only one that thinks it’s hilarious?

Especially your last line, Cristi.

I’m the only one.

Can we put the gullible post over in a Palidors thread?

If there is room for doubt - doubt!

There’s this Morris guy that makes documentaries. One was about a back woods county in Florida. A couple from there, living in a mobile home, was on vacation in the SW and brought back some desert sand. The husband had the wife believing that the sand grows. They brought back a half a jar, and she had about ten jars full when they filmed them.

We play a lot of practical jokes at work. Recently, I had a patient with a major lice infestation, so major that he developed a huge abcess on his neck and had to be put in the ICU. I had the honor of discovering the lice and had to decontaminate myself.

A couple nights later, we (the night shift) wrote a big sign on the blackboard in the conference room where the day shift was going to gather to get their patient assignments. The sign said, “Lice epidemic in the ICU! You must wear a hat!” Under this we placed a big box of those hideous fluffy blue hats they wear in surgery. Just before the day shift arrived, everyone on the night shift- nurses, techs, unit clerks, respiratory therapists- put on a hat.

When the day shift arrived, they didn’t believe the sign until they peeked out and saw all of us wearing hats. Chaos ensued. Jennifer moaned, “Oh no! I hope I didn’t take this home to my kids!” Mary Jo complained, “I’ve been a nurse for thirty years, and I’ve never had to wear a hat. This is ridiculous!” When the day shift came out, they all looked miserable and every one of them was wearing a hat.

This was pretty cruel, and I’m kinda ashamed now, but it sure was funny at the time :slight_smile:

My sister caught every bug that came down the pike, and spent a lot of time out of school for colds, flus, mono, what have you. So one day, during a typical period of absence, a girl that neither of us particularly liked, but who had latched on to my sister as her best friend, asked where she was at. Without thinking, I popped off with, “She’s dying of cancer. She’s at Good Samaritan hospital in Portland.” The ‘friend’ left in disbelief, then came back a few moments later to double check. I repeated my story.

The girls at my lunch table in the cafeteria totally cracked up and told me it was the funniest thing they’d heard. My sister’s class and teacher were distraught when the ‘friend’ spread the story. My sister was mortified and, the next day, she had to explain to the entire school what a thoughtless idiot her big sister was.

I still kinda smile when I think about it, though. They fell for it!

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

The locked-in-the-freezer bit is always a hoot. I volunteer at the zoo in the diet kitchen, and every summer we get some teenage volunteers who’ve never been there. I show them around, including the big walk-in freezers full of dead rats, chickens, horse meat and other gooey stuff. Whenever some kid expresses disgust at the stuff in there or some reluctance to go in, I always point out (in a very serious tone) that the doors won’t open from the inside so “don’t let the door close behind you, whatever you do!”
Of course, the doors open easily from the inside and, in fact, they close behind you automatically.
Eventually we send the kid in to grab something and it’s hilarious to watch him try to keep the door from closing. Or we watch the door slam shut and then hear him start pounding on the door from the inside. That’s when I walk over and flip the little switch that turns off the light inside the freezer.
Truly hilarious.
– Greg, Atlanta


I’m still waiting.

Am I the gullible one here or what?

Oh come on now…I won’t be mad. Really.

Pretty please? With cinnamon & sugar on top?


About three years ago, I was out at a grocery store with my boyfriend at the time. When we left, he found out that the tranny on his truck was fucked up and stuck in reverse. So I called a friend of mine who lived a few blocks away, and he drove us two miles or so to the coffee shop we hung out at, because there were people there who were willing to drive my boyfriend out to where he lived in BFE. So we get there, and my boyfriend explains how his truck got stuck in reverse.

“How’d you get here?” someone piped up.

Before he could say anything, I replied, “Oh, we drove.”

“When your truck was stuck in reverse?”

“Sure, what else were we going to do? Besides, it was only a few miles.”

It WAS only a couple of miles, but on one of the busiest stretches of road in all of Columbus, with a light on every block. And within five minutes, we had an entire coffee shop believing that we’d driven it in reverse.

I once asked a young Filght Attendant for a “diet Chivas” (scotch whiskey). She said she didn’t think they had any diet scotch. So I told her it was the kind in the plastic bottles. (Plastic bottles were just coming into play at the time) She said “Oh yeah we have that”
About ten minutes later a Senior male flight attendant came back looking at seat numbers and asked me if I was the gentleman that wanted the diet scotch. I sort of reluctantly admitted that I was.
He said “You have her believing that shit, she’s up front telling everybody how to pick out the diet bottles from the regular”.