This is a test thread. I'm testing just how long a thread title can be before it gets cut off sudden

I’m just seeing how long the thread title can get.

Mods, if this is against the rules, or silly and pointless, I apologize, and feel free to lock this thread.

Of all the ways that a thread title could get cut off, I’d call that the least sudden.

eta: or second least

♭ ♯

Those are useful to me. Thanks for posting them. Now I can copy and paste them if I’m talking about music-related things. :slight_smile:

you’re very welcome. More here. Wish I could remember who pointed me to the page initially.

Been there, done that but did not get a t-shirt.

Found it! Thanks go to SuperAbe for this post.


Obligatory SDMB Nitpick: You should have used the adverbial form, “suddenly,” in your title. :wink:

Yeah, EmilyG! You should have written more letters! :slight_smile:

Before what, exactly, gets cut off sudden? :eek:

Yes, it was indeed supposed to be “suddenly,” but I reached my letter limit.

Tapatalk 2 has been updated. Does it still post signatures?

Looks like it’s been fixed.

Is this going to become some sort of Candlejack mem

Is it a Tapatalk thing to pick random threads for a test which has nothing to with the thread?

Start a “Tapatalk signature test thread” thread. Go for it! How many bytes can that be?

meme. I think you meant to sa