This is embarrassing, but where's the user cp now?

Tried messing around with the circle representing me, and the menu (3 bars) but no luck.

I’m missing something obvious I know.

Thanks anyone.

Upper right of the page, click your avatar then click your username.

Ahhh. Thanks!

One thing I haven’t yet found is any user info on paid subscriptions.

Haven’t seen any info on that, either, but there is a Charter Member usergroup with 381 members (of which you are one), a Member group with 365, a BANNED group with close to 50,000, and a bunch of others (mostly empty for now).

I guess the rest of us are the Guests.

I’m a ‘devotee’
I’m not sure what the rest of you low life’s are! :blush:

I am only a lowly Enthusiast.

I’m just a poor wayfaring stranger.