This is funny.... in a really sick way.

I warn you now, this is not for the faint of heart or for true Winnie the Pooh lovers. My brother directed me to the following site:

Pooh Goes Apeshit

I’m seriously considering professional help for him.

Well, I was warned.

Yes! Now I know what I’ll be reading the kiddies at bedtime tonight! Brilliant, just brilliant…

Somebody obviously has WAAAAAYYYYY too much time on their hands.

:smiley: Too funny! Thanks for sharing KimKatt, I needed something to wake me up a little this morning!

Hell, if reading that doesn’t wake you up, check for a pulse.

I like how they kept referencing “playing Pooh-sticks” and other Poohisms. Very entertaining. I agree about Tigger- who the hell does he think he is- jumping out and scaring everyone??


Well, perhaps it could be by A. A. Milne–only if the “A. A.” stood for “Angeldust Addict.”

Seventy years ago we had Dorothy Parker parodying “Pooh’s Corner.” Now this. I guess that’s progress :rolleyes:

I…I’m…shocked. That was truly disturbing.
All of my pleasant childhood Pooh memories have been shattered.
I am literally trembling after having read that.

KimKatt, how could you???

How could you…make my morning!!! That was funny!
Are you on some twisted and depraved serial killer e-mail alert list? Where in hell did you find this? And can you find more??? Got anything where Barney dies?

You know, I have wondered how on earth my brother found this site.

I have decided that I probably don’t want to know.

(By the way, there is a kill Pikachu site out there… weekly votes on ways he meets his demise…)

Wow! I hadn’t read that in years! Thanks for the link! :slight_smile:

Oh, sure, KimKatt. Go to the old “blame it on my brother” card. Uh-huh. Yeah. Whatever you say.


Woosh! And more reasons to unplug my sisters’ Internet connection.

I think they would be seriously mentally ill after reading that. I’m laughing, and just what does that say about me?