Completly tastless humor in here...not for bunny lovers

Prepare to laugh!
(note for those who are afraid to click on the link: not real bunnies, just cartoons.)

Those bunnies are pretty damn clever.

I died when I saw the smoking one, and the Normandy day one.

thanks, bouv

Ok. I’ll say it.

Loved them.
Especially the one failing at his first attempt with the bowling ball and the Noah Ark…

One of my coworkers sent them to me because I have bunnies and she has a sick sense of humor. Apparently mine is worse. I love the one with the rabbit tickling the weight lifter but the one prodding the keystone out of the arch is my favorite.

That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.

I have both of the ‘Bunny Suicides’ books, and love them! I also love my bunny. One day, I will have to show the books to her. :smiley:

A BOOK? There are books of these, please give me the author so I can find them.

Just search Amazon for ‘bunny suicides’ -


Amazon is evil. It’d only take a minute to order those.

Correction. It only took a minute to order those.

The Fatal Attraction one was my favorite.

Sorry to be a party pooper, but I love these cartoons so much that I hope there will be a third book of them. And there won’t be if people keep violating the author’s copyright by posting them to the web without permission or even atribution.

[size=1][sour grapes]Besides, I paid good money for them, you should too![/sour grapes]

Well, a few hours ago, I did pay good money for them. I bough tboth books, with 2-day shipping. But mostly because I want them as a gift for the person who sohwed me that site with some of the cartoons on it, and I’m leaving to visit them Friday, and need it by then.

Fucking classic!

OhFace is mad because I’m laughing at bunny death.

I loved those! My favorites were the acid drip and the stapler on the dog’s tail. :smiley:

Unfortunately, bouv, the site you’ve linked to is illegally displaying copyrighted material.

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