Yarrr! Bunny attack!!!

A lot of good strips at this site. :slight_smile:


Calm down, Mister President.

‘Bob Geldof on ice’ was inspired.

Whether in a good way or not, I’ve yet to determine.

Unoriginal. :rolleyes: :dubious:

OBSERVE the power of Sluggy.

What the fucking fuck?

I wish these people would please stay off the drugs.

Well, I’d have to say that Sluggy is more derivative and less original than Bunny.

Good thing Anya isn’t alive to see that…

Hm… Or maybe it won’t be all that popular after all.

Ah well

I beg to differ. Sluggy came first, I do believe.

:rolleyes: :dubious:

Still way more derivative of other sources. WAY more.

NOt all that invested in this hijack; I just thought your thread shitting needed a response.

King Kong in 30 Seconds as re-enacted by bunnies

(Flash movie - should start automatically)

I still say that Rat from Pearls Before Swine could take Bunbun with Cunning and Guile.

Weird. Those Bunny strips strike me as kind of a cross between Sluggy and Ashfield Online.

I liked this one! I’m still laughing as I type this!

I just watched all of their parodies - I’ve now bookmarked that site.