This... Is... Jeopardy!

Michael Martin

  1. The Prince of Liechtenstein

Hans-Adam II

  1. The Prime Minister of Morocco

Who is Saad-Eddine El Othmani?

The Dreaded Opera Category

  1. Ludwig van Beethoven’s only opera

What is “Fidelio”?

(“Fidelio” was the first opera I ever saw – I saw an oratorio performace when I was in college)

  1. The final opera written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, it premiered just two months before his death in 1791.

What is The Magic Flute?

  1. Spanish gypsies, bullfighters and soldiers, all singing in French.

What is Carmen?

  1. A Chinese princess, Mandarin bureaucrats, and undercover royalty from Tartary, all singing in Italian.

What is Turandot?

  1. He tricks the title character into thinking he’s saved her lover, but doesn’t live to see Act 3.