This is my first thread!

Ok, this is just a test before I go out and join the doper community. Long time lurker, first time poster and all that! Lets see if this works!


I get to give you your first “Howdy!”



And me, your second! Howdy!!!

(Watch out for Fenris – he’s a master of parodies!) :wink:

Hi again, Jeeves. This is your first official threadhijack

And watch out for Polycarp: one of the most articulate and genuinely nice posters on the board. And, on those extremely rare occasions that he flames someone, a flamemaster supreme! :smiley:

Thus endth the first official meeting of the SDMB Mutual Admiration Society.


Hiya, Jeeves! :slight_smile:

One can see that this fellow eats a lot of fish. The way his cranium sort of bulges out at the back, don’t you know.

Good to have you here, Jeeves. I’ll be looking forward to asking your advice on all sorts of problems.

Now, where did I leave my banjolele?

I’m not Jeeves, but I certainly don’t know. Last I saw of it, you were using it to fend off Honoria Glossop. I’d advise you might examine the fish pond at the Glossop residence, but after that untidy…incident…involving the Constable’s cap, perhaps a new banjolele would be a safer option than going back?


Fenris Little

'ello Jeeves Welcome aboard.

Hey Ike, here’s the results from


You asked: Where is my banjolele?

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