This is my Year of the Tan

Worked on it all summer, and now I get more with ski season!

Wahoo! Just right now. New snow, but it’s melting off and you can pull off your shirt and sail down like a kid again.

What a feeling!

And the season is just starting :cool:

One more 200 New Year’s Resolution accomplished.
That’s 2 so far, but there’s still time left in…

What a way to satr the nwe yaer, with a tipo. :frowning:

Way too gnarly for me. I’ll just stick to my “toaster tan”.I started working on it about a month before I went on a cruise to Cozumel. That was in July. I didn’t use the suntan beds in September or October but I did restart when it really got cold. Now I hit the beds about once or twice a week. I’m not as brown as I was in August, but I’m not blue-white either.

Blue-white is my natural shade, but, alas, I don’t tan. I just burn, blister and peel. Paleness is kind of my only option unless I want to look like I’ve been boiled alive.

I know that tanning is bad for you, but I still have my teenage associations (having grown up in the San Fernando Valley) of tanning with good looks and health. I longed for a tan in those good old pre-sunscreen days, but it wasn’t meant to be.

I console myself by thinking that I have only the finest of lines on my (pale) face at 38. Not that I hope that those gorgeous bronzed creatures all look like old shoes by now, mind you … :wink:

Happy Skin Cancer.
From the Ghostly White Chick

Hee, TroubleAgain - you haven’t seen pale til you’ve seen me :wink: I’ve been told I glow in the dark!

The closest I get to tan is my farmer’s tan, which is really only a slightly darker shade of pale on my forearms. When I go to NASCAR races, I get that shade of pale on my whole body (at least all that was exposed), but I never tan.

Before anyone gets to thinking that I look like Magda (the very unnatural-looking next door neighbor on “There’s something about Mary”), let me assure that I’m nowhere near brown, mostly just a less whiter shade of pale.

I am that odd mix of Scottish and Native American. Dark hair (originally) and very pale skin. I only started going to Hot Tan Cafe so that I could spend a week in Mexico without being totally covered from head to toe.

My usual pattern is turn red and fade, repeat. By the end of the summer, I may be to the point where I don’t burn as fast, but believe me, I have never been brown in my life.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

My mom grows plants in the front room during the spring with florescent lights. One time two of my friends drove past the house, and one of them noticed the bright white lights shining out the windows, late at night. “What’s that,” Travis asked. “Tim musta took off his shirt,” Jon replied.