This is one mother of a boat!!!

A coworker told me about this site for the freedomship, a floating city now on the design boards. This thing in amazing!! It’s something like 4300 feet long, 25 stories high, and has it’s own airport on top and marina underneath that it takes with it. They plan on cruising around the world continuously. And, if your heart is strong and outlook brave, you can dare click on the “purchase information” link at the top. Beware, you of faint heart and thin wallets!

Forget the mother-ship.

What’s the deal with that loser airplane their using in the fly-by animations?

I read about something like this a few years ago in Popular Science. In that article, it stated that the ship was planning on cruising to variouse locations to be close by huge events. Australia for the Olympics (obviously didn’t make that one) France for the Cannes (sp?) film festival, things like that. Seems like a pretty cool idea. Kinda like a condo on the ocean.

The animations aren’t working for me, Chris. What kind of plane do they show?

Wild. It’s a rudderless flat-bottom barge design, with at least a million square feet of surface area on each side. What’s going to keep that thing from turning turtle when it tries to muscle its way around the Horn?

Cool! If I sell my house, my car, my truck, and my boat I should be able to afford a time-share for a whole month and have maybe $10 left over! I’m in. Anyone wanna buy a house, a car, a truck, and a boat?