This is one of those mass mail lists

But was sufficiently clever that I thought I’d share it. Haven’t seen this one before, must be sorta new

  1. God yes. I just hope that if I were to die suddenly, my computer illiterate parents won’t try to figure out what is on my computer. There are porn and then there is PORN! :eek: Things I don’t want my mother to know I look at, even if I’m dead

  2. Usually happens when I suddenly remember that yes, she did tell me before! Damn it…

  3. I find myself napping a lot on the weekends now. Then again, maybe I don’t know the difference between being tired or bored

  4. Its getting so obvious that I simply put in my city as the starting destination.

  5. Extra points if it contains the words “mysterious circumstances” anywhere in it

  6. Today’s Monday so it’ll happen right after lunch. It gets increasingly pushed back the further I get into the week. Friday’s actually my busiest day

  7. Oh god yes. And I don’t even have that many DVD’s. I’m not buying any anime on Blu-Ray because why bother? They’re mostly cartoons. I don’t need HD to watch a cartoon.

  8. Why does this do that??? It doesn’t happen all the time. All I do is open a document, then try to close it, and it asks if I want to save the changes. WHAT CHANGES??

  9. How the hell are we supposed to clean it??

  10. I’m looking at you, K… :dubious:

  11. Doesn’t matter if the bag’s heavy and cutting into my palm, I will not take a 2nd trip, ever.

  12. Or reading a magazine, a book, or playing my Nintendo DS :wink:

  13. Me too :mad:

  14. So awkward. I mean you don’t want to just keep asking them to repeat themselves and make them think you’re an idiot, but then you don’t want to miss anything or bother them. My limit is 3 times. So far it’s worked, I haven’t been forced to wear a Puffy Shirt once!

  15. Shorter too

  16. Bikers…they need their own lane :wink:

  17. I look at my watch when I’m bored, or nervous, or irritated, or daydreaming…

As for #3, that goes for baths as well.

And have you ever noticed that kids can’t wait for December 25th, and adults can’t wait for December 26th?

  1. Nest the pockets of the sheet, top pockets inside bottom pockets. Place sheet on a flat surface so the nested pockets are facing up. Fold the sides in to make it approximately rectangular.

This gives you a manageable size and shape to further fold into a storable thing, even if the sides are elastic all the way around. It won’t be as neat as a flat sheet, but it’s not terribly messy either.

If you want to preserve the cleanliness of the side of the sheet you are going to sleep on, turn it inside out before nesting pockets.

Thanks, Mom!

  1. How the hell are they supposed to know you are starting from your neighborhood? You might be using a laptop in a strange place.

  2. Maybe, but it’s up to the family to decide what to publish.

  3. I don’t buy clothes like that, except for really good slacks or a suit.

  4. Hallelujah, brother! One of my most irrational pleasures.

  5. And younger.

  6. No. and No. and No.

My freezer has a light. Yay me!

And what about that airline food?