What's your "clear my browser history" when you die?

We all (well, several, anyway) have a little bit of kink that we’d rather not have our loved ones find after we pass on. I overheard a married couple once say that they CAN’T die at the same time, because there’d be no one to dispose of all of the items that they don’t want their parents or children to find.

What’s your plan to sterilize your home/office/files from those toys/leather/VHS tapes?

I’m boring, nothing to hide. :frowning:

I pretty well-known for having an expansive anime collection, which can be (and is) considered to be about 90% porn for the nudity alone by my rather prudish family. They might find things that would horrify them, but I doubt I could get them to think I’m more amoral than I already am.

well I certainly ain’t gonna tell you, if I’m that worried about what my family is going to think about the various items in my nightstand

I’m gonna be dead, hopefully after those things are of any use so will have gotten rid of them at that point, and if not, I shrug

I just put it in a random folder in an odd place with a techie sounding name and hope it goes unnoticed. Even a half-hearted search would find it. Not even very porn-y stuff, just some peculiar preferences.

Oh, no you got it backwards. I’ve got notes allover things. There’s gonna be some raised eyebrows.
I just hope my spirit hangs around long enough to see the kerfuffle.

Ok, NM, I just changed my mind. There’s gonna be a big fire in my burn barrel tomorrow.

I guess that takes care of me, too.

Password protect it and don’t share that password?

I’m boring. In not worried what anyone will find.

Does clearing your browser history really hide anything? Asking for a friend.
I live alone, so I don’t really have a plan, but there’s not really anything I’d care if my family found.

I’ll be dead. Who cares?

I had an aunt related to me through marriage once ask me if I could hook up her dead mother’s computer that had one of those old type webcams that were separate and would sit on top of the monitor.

As I was setting it up I looked at some of the photos expecting to find some family pics or something, what I did find was nude pics of her elderly mother that were seemingly taken at her advanced age and not too flattering to say the least.

I figured ignorance was bliss and deleted all such photos I found and figured I was saving her from seeing embarrassing photos of her mom, and I don’t think she is really going to download any programs to recover deleted files.

For anything I may not want anyone else to see, I browse in incognito or private mode.

I have no history to clear as I always browse in incognito or private mode, even the most innocuous sites.

What you and your friend should do is to have an agreement to go over to each other’s house to delete certain directories from the hard drive and to dispose of the printed pornography, VHS/DVD/Bluray titles and the toys. In short, a mutual sanitize-the-house pact.

Huffpo is a guilty pleasure of mine.
Lost interest in Porn, as it seems every video is about fucking your sister or mom.
Discovered erotic fiction, but I’m not too embarrassed about that. Maybe I should be, IDK. Seems like it’s a step above though since it involves reading. Lol

I don’t think modern Windows easily lets you password protect folders like older versions did. You need to store it in a ZIP and password that or something.

Casually speaking, sticking it in a folder titled “Backup Graphic Drivers - Obsolete” a layer or two down the file hierarchy is probably good enough unless people are actively hunting for stuff. Tell Windows not to display in your Recently Viewed folders for best results.

Considering the cannons, meat cleavers, and assorted bits and pieces of cars and motorcycles -------- the cousins who have to clean all this shit up when I’m gone aren’t going to worry about some common porn.

If you’re really worried about this, you can take some precautions to ensure your data can’t be easily viewed after you are gone. For your computer, there are whole drive encryption programs where you have to enter a password during bootup to allow the data to be decrypted. Even if someone pulls the drive, all data is encrypted and they wouldn’t be able to read anything. Keep a lock on your phone so that it could not be accessed and they’d have to do a full reset to use the phone. It’s a good idea to have a lock on your phone anyway. If you lose the phone there is likely a lot of personal data, emails, etc. that a crook could exploit.

In my experience, when people die, the living sort through their stuff looking for valuables, not dirt. I imagine my family would just trash my computer or wipe it for a new install without even booting it up.
And with nosy children in my house, I am already without any tangible items.

Same. The most controversial things on the various hard drives my PC at home can access are somewhat unauthorised downloads of various cheesy US TV shows. My nephews and niece are free to discover those.

*“What? My Uncle, the late Baron, has a complete archive of Chicago Fire!?” *