This is pretty darned cool, I must say!

So when you go to this link, a new java window will open.

It’s from NASA, so if it requests additional permissions, go ahead and grant them. It’s safe.

Depending on your connection speed, it will take a few seconds to load.

When it does, you’ll see someting that I think is quite excellent.

Warning: Don’t zoom in too much or it will crash your Browser.

Hey! That is cool! But then, I’m something of a NASA whore. :slight_smile: If it concerns the space program at all, I’m all for it.

Thanks, Stupendous man

That is neat as all hell, and I’m not a NASA whore.

Thanks, Stupendous man.

Man, I’m not a total NASA whore either (though I do enjoy going to the website occasionally), but that applet is incredibly cool.

Another really cool similar program is Globe3D by Ken Silverman (the guy who wrote the Build engine, used in Duke Nukem 3D.) This program is awesome. You can see exactly where the moon and all of the planets will be on any particular time (though the controls are a bit weird to memorize) and everything is the correct position and size. You can tell when solar eclipses are going to happen, and you can even fly around the earth, or to other planets. That program is a lot of fun, go get it!

Wow. But now I’m dizzy. Nifty stuff, the stars and satellites both. Thanks, both of you. That Silverman guy knows his way around i’s and o’s, doesn’t he?